Yoga: Function Align Flow

MOVE Yoga class

Explore yoga and movement with a modern and functional approach, to align body, mind, and breath

What will you learn?

This class covers:

1. Yoga Principles Application

Learn to encounter your practice in a sustainable and approachable manner, both on and off the mat. Feel empowered in a way that is fun.

2. Body & Mind Connection

Develop an understanding as to how the body moves and flows. Use unique ways of engaging certain parts for healthy joint functionality.

3. Pose Breakdown

Dive deeper into poses and transitions as if you are taking a workshop, creating stability, space, and strength all throughout the body.

MOVE Yoga Class Stretch
MOVE Yoga Class Meditation

Why Yoga?

There is always something for everyone to be working on with yoga, whether it’s something physical, mental, energetic, or spiritual, that’s why it’s called a practice. If you are looking to find freedom with your body and mind, yoga offers the tools for it.

1. Enhance the mental landscape by challenging the physical.

Stay motivated in stretching and strengthening in ways that might not usually be presented in traditional yoga classes. Explore one direction of mobility and going deep into it, all while keeping the breath steady and mind attentive.

2. Gain a foundational understanding of how the body moves and functions through various poses for the long run.

This type of yoga practice transforms mobility, strength, balance, coordination, stability and focus to extend the duration of your overall movement practice.

3. Get creative with to adapt to your needs.

The possibilities to regress or progress with load and intensity in yoga are endless, meeting wherever you are at that day. Yoga encourages all tissue systems in your body to adjust and grow.

Class details

  • Who can attend: Suitable for everyone of all ages and levels
  • Time: Class is not available at the moment. Please contact us if you are interested!

About Coach Rachel

MOVE Team - Rachel

Yoga and movement has changed Rachel for the better by consistently improving her well-being, always teaching something new about herself and others. She’s found strength, insight, and comfort with her own body and mind.

Rachel completed two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, one in Vinyasa Flow and the other in a deep flow style called cYoga, and participated in over thousands of hours at yoga and mobility workshops and intensives. She’s been exploring various movements that contribute to creating stability and functionality in the different range of motions the body is gifted with.

Her classes are described as invigorating, playful, and creative with precise and insightful instructions. Rachel’s objective as a teacher is to guide her students towards their own path of empowerment while inviting more exploration into their own lives. And of course, all having fun during the process.

Follow her on Instagram, YouTube and her Website.

Rachel offers private coaching sessions that can be tailored to your needs

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“I have been doing yoga for 23 years, and Rachel is one of my favourite yoga teachers on planet earth- her teaching is truly interstellar. She is extremely skilled at the practice which makes students feel so secure and cared for. I always feel that I can stretch my practice further when I’m in studio with her because I know I’m in good hands. Rachel is a blessing to the yoga universe!”

– Louise L.

“I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for about ten years. The main thing I look for and appreciate in a teacher is that they are mindful of the practice. Rachel gets this!

So much of yoga today has become saturated. Its focus is exercise not union. Which is what yoga is intended for, yoga literally means “union” in Sanskrit. With all the distractions of the modern world it’s hard to walk into a yoga class that is just another distraction. Loud music, fast pace, lacking meditation, awareness.

Rachel however creates a space that honors being mindful. She acknowledges her students and creates an open environment to practice, feel supported. This gives you the opportunity to create space within oneself and practice, acknowledge union. She’s also fun and easy going so I always felt excited to return to her class. No competitiveness, no pressure, just yoga!

– Natalie N.

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