Special Needs Parkour Class

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Learn Parkour and develop life skills in a safe space

1. Learn and practise movement and coordination skills in a safe space

Your child will get introduced to and familiarised with various Parkour movements, such as jumping, rolling, vaulting, and more, in a progressive manner. No matter what capabilities are, they will get thoughtful attention and tailored instructions to help them improve, understand the core concepts of the movement, and apply it in real world settings safely. Each child is unique, so we will adapt as we go along.

2. Emotional and social skills development in a 1:3 coach to student ratio

Our coaches will foster a gentle and comfortable environment for your child to learn to manage their emotions, and comfortably socialise with other children in the same class. Class size will be kept small with one coach attending to a maximum of three children.

3. Open communication between coaches, students and parents

It takes a village to raise a child. Likewise, in our classes, the holistic growth and sustainable development of each child will be a tight-knit collaboration between coaches, students and parents every step of the way. It will be a lifelong learning journey for all parties for sure. 🙂

MOVE Community - Max's Jump
MOVE Community - Max's Cat to Cat Jump

Why learn Parkour?

1. It’s a fun and creative way to grow and get stronger

The world becomes your playground in Art du Déplacement, Parkour, and Freerunning. Your child will get to freely express themselves with movement, learn to interact with the urban world around them, and become more physically capable.

2. Gain valuable life skills 

The physical aspect is obvious, but there’s also the mental aspect. It teaches one to overcome fears/obstacles as they push yourself out of their comfort zone. It teaches a person to adapt to their environment and improvise with what they have.

3. It can save one’s life

In Parkour, one learns to prevent a fall, safely fall, and recover from a fall. In life, we inevitably fall sometimes (physically and/or metaphorically). It’s vital to know how to keep ourselves safe if it happens, so that we can pick ourselves up and move on.

Class details

  • Who can attend: Suitable for special needs kids age 7 to 12. You will be expected to fill up a form about your child’s condition and needs when you sign up.
  • Time: Every Saturday, 11pm to 12.30pm
  • Location: Bishan Spot 1, 204 Bishan Street 22
  • Price: $220 per 4-week term

About Coach Calvin

MOVE Parkour Team - Calvin

Calvin loves moving, eating and exploring. He has been practising Parkour since 2013, and has taught Parkour for 6 years and counting.

Experienced in Mixed Martial Arts (he has competed in several competitions as well) and Gymnastics, he has led numerous workshops, events and classes all over Singapore. Some of his professional Parkour stunt performances include appearances in commercials with Nerf and Beats.

Did we mention he works really well with kids? His students love how sociable he is, his ability to make any new student feel welcomed in class, and his personalised education approach that tailors to each individual’s capability and personality.

He currently holds an Adapt Level 1 Certification.

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Calvin offers private coaching sessions that can be tailored to your needs

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“Having been introduced to Parkour by a friend, I was initially very anxious in participating. However, meeting Calvin has really helped me to become more confident in myself through the sport. A brilliant, young coach that is easily approachable with a lot of patience. He gives incredible advice to his students and is really enjoyable to have as a coach.”

– Maia

Sign your child up for their first Special Needs Parkour class

You will be shown a sign-up page for making payment, and also a link to fill up for us to better understand your child.

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