Sketchbook Ideas

MOVE Sketchbook Ideas Class

A beginner-friendly art series to grow your creative practice

What will you learn?

In Sketchbook Ideas, you will learn simple and easy drawing techniques to quickly get started on your own creative journey. This series of art sessions are beginner-friendly and you will be learning new skills in a low stress, friendly and encouraging environment.

This class covers:

1. Foundations of drawing

You will learn foundations of drawing in a practical manner so you can easily start your sketchbook practice without the usual overwhelm of rules or sense of intimidation when learning something new.

2. Different ways to inject your personality and creativity

A sketchbook is also a personal tool for expression. In addition to technique, we will also explore different ways to inject your personality and unique creativity into your sketchbook. With regular attendance you will find new ways to continue filling up your sketchbook and most importantly, realise that truly anyone can be an artist.

MOVE Sketchbook Ideas - Contour Drawing
MOVE Sketchbook Ideas - Thumbnails

Why learn Sketching?

1. It helps to express your world

Sketching enables you to express your world, including the one around you and the one inside your head. With the right framework, you can use your unique perspective to begin creating art that is expressive and truly your own

2. It invites you to process what’s going on in your mind

It is a way to process your thoughts and feelings, and improve your mental health. If you want to slow down and understand yourself, sketching out your thoughts can also help focus and clarify how you see the world around you.

3. It’s a relaxing way to journal your encounters and ideas

It is a great way to unwind, document amusing situations, beautiful places and help keep track of your ideas.

Class details

  • Who can attend: Open to any budding sketchbooker 12 years old and above. You do not need to have an art background to join in. Intermediate or advanced artists are more than welcome to join as well (perhaps you might pick up a few new ideas!). Traditional sketchbooks paired with a pen or pencil works great, and feel free to use any colouring materials you have on hand such as markers, watercolour or colour pencils. Those who use a tablet device (e.g. iPads) are also welcome!
  • Time: Class is not available at the moment. Please contact us if you are interested!

About Coach Stephanie

MOVE Team - Stephanie

Stephanie is an Australian illustrator based in Singapore, where after almost a decade in the education industry, she decided to make the switch and be a creative. She also runs her creative brand Inky Cat Studio under which she creates cat themed merchandise such as t-shirts, enamel pins and mugs. You’ll also find her boothing at conventions such as Dojima and Singapore Comic Con. She describes her work as whimsical, sentimental and with huge dollops of cute for good measure.

Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Website.

Stephanie offers private workshops and commissions that can be tailored to your needs

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Inky Cat Studio - Self Portrait

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