Pilates: Stability Strength with Fluidity

MOVE Pilates Class

Develop stability strength and mobility in your core and joints

What will you learn?

  1. Learn how to properly engage deep core muscles through detailed core exercises
  2. Create active mobility throughout the spine and limbs
  3. Develop stability strength in core and joints from fingertips all the way to your toes
MOVE Pilates Class - Stretching
MOVE Pilates Class - Demonstration

Why is Pilates important?

  1. Prevent injuries such as lower back, shoulder and knee pain
  2. With a strong foundation in muscular stability and dynamic strength, you can apply it in all your daily activities and vigorous sports as a form of performance enhancement
  3. Learn how to stretch safely without injuring your ligaments and tendons

Class details

About Coach Jasmine

MOVE Team - Jasmine

Plagued with anemia, Jasmine always has a love-hate relationship with exercising since young; while it is fun and exciting to play with friends, the consequences are fainting spells, anxiety and nausea. When treatments and medicines no longer help, Jasmine turned towards her nemesis – physical training. And guess what, after 2 years of arduous Gymnastic training at the age of 19, the symptoms from Anemia has reduced to almost none. To Jasmine, movement has saved her life and gives her the confidence to make the impossible possible.

Striving to live a purposeful life in helping others to reach goals that may seem impossible, Jasmine switched career to become a Pilates Teacher in 2015 and has never looked back.

During her past 5 years of learning and teaching Pilates, Jasmine admires Pilates as a wonderful foundation for everyone. When applying Pilates to her high-performance sports (Gymnastics, Boxing, Parkour, Muay Thai), she sees the importance in attaining strong Bodily Awareness to gain Control and Stability, which has helped to enhance her sports performance to pick up skills faster, and most importantly, kept her safe from injuries.

However, Jasmine believes one should not stop at Pilates. Like how she has applied her knowledge and foundation from Pilates to high-performance sports, Jasmine’s ultimate wish is for her students to also to step out of Pilates and do different sports/activities with the strong foundation they have.

And therefore, it is not surprising to see Boxing, agility jumps, sprints and Gymnastics moves in Jasmine’s lessons as she believes Foundation/Knowledge is wasted if not applied to daily activities or sports.

Interestingly, Jasmine’s long battle with Anemia has made a favourite among her students who are recovering from injuries. That is because the ordeal has made her empathic and understanding towards students’ physical conditions and limitations.

Jasmine makes sure her training framework focuses on alignment, stability, mobility and control (which is mostly neglected in her injured students). At the same time, she pushes them timely and adequately to ensure fast and long-lasting recovery.

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Jasmine offers private coaching sessions that can be tailored to your needs

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“I have trained with many personal trainers in the past but none has matched up to Jasmine. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and a true professional. She customises programmes to suit my condition and has a deep understanding of my requirements. Always cheerful and encouraging, her sessions are well-planned, progressive and enjoyable. She combines different techniques and is striving to make me stronger, more flexible and physically confident. Excellent at gauging my limits and an eye for detail, she always knows how hard to push. I can now jog again, squat, and do a dead hang, amongst others! As a senior with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, I am thrilled to bits with this improvement. Thank you Jasmine, you are a gem!”

– Wendy Lane

“Jasmine has looked after my fitness and well-being for over 2 years. Initially focusing on Pilates to achieve a greater level of Strength and flexibility, our sessions have become far more holistic covering stretching, cardiovascular, strengthening and my absolute favourite, boxing! Being a gentleman of a certain age, Jasmine has been exceptional in finding “work arounds” to my physical challenges, such as sore joints from arthritis, as and when required. Our sessions are always productive and most importantly fun! I can strongly recommend Jasmine as a thoughtful and innovative trainer. She’s certainly got me back on track!”

– John

“Have been training with Jasmine since 2017. I love how she constantly challenges my strength & mobility with variety of creative drills and moves, which are not only fun; leaves me feeling great after workout as well! Highly recommended if you’re looking to get fitter and stronger!”

– Wei Fern

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