Party Dancing

Online Video Course

MOVE Party Dancing Class

Learn, create and recreate party grooves through fun and challenging techniques online

What will you learn?

Learn the basic foundations, grooves and knowledge of Hip Hop/Party Dancing, through an online video course that you can view from your own device.

This online video course, which you can have unlimited access anytime and anywhere, covers:

1. Basic knowledge and movement in Hip Hop

Learn different techniques and concepts. You will also go through exercises and drills of those techniques and concepts to learn, create, and recreate variations and dynamics.

2. Dance fundamentals taught progressively

You will learn steps, bounce, rocks, kicks & hops, and vocabulary & variations. Steps will be broken down and explained in detail for those with zero or basic dance experience.

MOVE Party Dancing Class
MOVE Party Dancing Class
MOVE Party Dancing Class

Why learn Party Dancing?

1. You will gain confidence in dance

With obvious consistency of these sessions, you will gradually become more comfortable with dancing alone or in a crowd, which makes you more confident in general.

2. You will understand your body’s potential and control better

Drills and exercises will provide a better understanding of your body’s potential and control, demonstrate how to improve and expand that potential, and build endurance in your movement. You will also develop reflexes for improv and freestyle which contributes to building your character in dance. Choreography and routines will help with enhancing your memory, and ultimately, execution of movement too.

3. Get in touch with the universal values of Hip Hop

Knowledge will shine light on the who, what, why and how in Hip Hop, allowing the you to be exposed to the most crucial message in Hip Hop; Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun.

Online course details

  • Who can learn: Suitable for everyone
  • What you need: A smartphone, a tablet or a computer with speaker and internet access, so that you can view the online video content.
  • Price: 12 SGD (Singapore Dollars)
    • Approx 660 INR / 126,600 IDR / 49 BRL / 182 MXN / 9 USD (Subject to prevailing exchange rate)

How to purchase the online video course

  1. Create your free account on
  2. Go to the menu, and tap on Purchase a Pass
  3. Scroll down, tap on “Vishal’s Basic Party Dance Course” to purchase the course.

How to access the course after purchase?

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Go to the menu, and tap on Content Library
  3. Scroll down, tap on “More content for: Vishal’s Basic Party Dance Course…” to start viewing the course from the first video onwards.

About Coach Vishal

MOVE Team - Vishal

Vishal Kukreti, born and raised in Dubai / India, is experienced on stage (7 years) and on streets (10 years) with HipHop / Bboy / Bollywood / Bhangra / Contemporary / Jazz / Character. Raised as a third culture child, he enjoys exchanging perspectives, traditions and knowledge from every part of the world. When he dances, he creates a space where Passion is above Logic, and that is where he finds Infinite Movement (IM).

Vishal’s major influence from Hip Hop and Yoga inspires IM through Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun. IM is for the small in the big, and for the big in the small. You, who live beyond limits and boundaries to create and break down.

Vishal teaches movement improvisation, grooves, footwork foundation and party dancing.

Follow him on Instagram.

Vishal offers private coaching sessions that can be tailored to your needs

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MOVE Party Dancing Class

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