Is parkour difficult to learn?

Is parkour difficult to learn?

Post written by: Desmond

No doubt, parkour definitely appears intimidating to a lot of people.

Is parkour difficult to learn? Whether it is perceived to be difficult to you depends on various things:

  • Your physical strength. Which parts of your body are stronger and which parts are weaker?
  • Your mental resilience. How much failure can you endure and pick yourself up from?)
  • Your body’s mobility and flexibility
  • Your ability to coordinate your body parts to execute movements
  • Your fears. (Maybe your body is completely capable of executing the move, but your fear paralyses you, and your mind tells you that you can’t do it. So you think it is difficult)
  • Your mindset, which would have been hugely influenced by your life experience (e.g. Do you have a perfectionist mindset or a growth mindset? Focusing on getting something perfect in every training is not the same as focusing on getting some improvements or learning something new about yourself, which can affect your perception of how difficult it is to learn)
  • The specific move/skill you choose to learn. Parkour is not one thing. It is a discipline with many approaches to movement. Some moves/skills are easier to pick up than others.
  • The environment around you. Do you have access to structures that can help you with learning some skills?

That said, I’d believe that for the majority of people around the world, Parkour is not difficult to learn. You just have to get started on the simplest moves that your mind and body can work with, and level up from there. 🙂

How to get started

I take parkour classes from MOVE Academy Singapore, and the coaches have always adapted their lessons to individual students’ ability level, which helps make the learning challenging and yet not out of reach. Nothing is ever too difficult to learn! If you’d like to just dip your toes into parkour, you can check out Parkour Singapore’s monthly jams too!

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