Parkour Conditioning

MOVE Parkour Conditioning Class

Conditioning to Parkour, and conditioning through Parkour

What will you learn?

Core stability and strength conditioning for Parkour, and any movement.

This class covers:

1. Core strength training from beginner to advanced levels

Exercises include basic and intermediate plank positions that target often neglected portions of the core such as the obliques and back. Advanced stability exercises, planche and their variations, will challenge you through engaging a larger portion of the trunk, such as shoulders and glutes.

2. Stability training of the core near end ranges

Develop control in low gait movements (e.g. deep squats and sissy squats), quadrupedal movements (e.g. cat crawls and lizard crawls). Basic exercises include ankle and wrist mobility and stability exercises, and exercises targeting the glute muscles and shoulder stability. Advanced learners can expect to tackle more challenging movements requiring strength in end ranges. For example, pistol squats and their intense counterpart, dragon squats, lizard crawls and their dynamic counterpart, the inchworm.

3. Body coordination

With strength and stability, you will then work to acquire body coordination. The exercises will have a strong emphasis in coordinating the body while maintaining stability and/or exerting strength. Life is not static, we train in the motion of it. Both the mind and the body will get a good workout in the session.

MOVE Parkour Conditioning Class - Dragon Squat
MOVE Parkour Conditioning Class - Quadrupedal Movement

Why is a strong and stable core important?

1. Your entire body needs it

Parkour requires the whole body. Life requires the whole body. A strong and stable core helps to make sure your entire body works in unison to perform in an optimal state.

2. It helps you stay balanced

In movements that seem to isolate one part of the body, such as running or pull-ups, the core is involved in these exercises to allow the other parts of the body to serve as counter-weights and dynamically balance the body.

3. It supports longevity of your body

A strong core allows the spine to be better secured, from simply aging gracefully to handling the stresses of one’s intense trainings, be it Parkour, dance or any other forms of movement.

Class details

  • Who can attend: People keen on seeking self improvement, people breaking out of the sedentary lifestyle and people wanting to level up their Parkour. Suitable for age 13 and above.
  • Time: Class is not available at the moment. Try our Parkour classes instead.

About Coach Nachos

MOVE Team - Nachos

Over the past decade, Nachos began exploring Parkour on his own and moved on to training with some of the best practitioners in Singapore. One of his most recent achievements is participating in the AAPES Jump Off 2016 Freerun and Speedrun Challenge, held in Sydney. As the president of Parkour Singapore, he is always promoting and representing Parkour to all ages.

He loves active movements and exploring other activities such as dance, martial arts, tricking, and gymnastics.

He currently holds ADAPT Level 1, 2 and 3 certifications, and is the first person in Southeast Asia to attain ADAPT Level 3.

Follow him on Instagram and YouTube.

Nachos offers private coaching sessions that can be tailored to your needs

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“I’ve been with Nachos and CP for over a year, who are skilled (>10 years of experience each) and sincerely nurturing and patient. They’re excellent in giving progressions to beginners and challenges to the experienced traceurs.

– Michelle Mak

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