New Beginnings in 2018!

Happy Holidays everyone!

As we round up an eventful 2017 at MOVE Academy Singapore, we want to thank you for your support thus far. It has been a challenging year personally, and I must say that I am extremely touched to know that the MOVE community has had my back through it all, with some of you going really far to show your support. I remember always repeating one of our core values in class. “to be strong to be useful”, thinking that one day I would be the one who will need this strength from others, and it really is very heartwarming indeed to feel its power in action. 🙂

2018 brings about a new beginning as we work towards improving the Academy and impacting positive changes, one relationship at a time. A few weeks ago, I sat down with a few students, supposedly for board games, but we ended up having a great chat about their experience with Art Du Deplacement and the Academy as well. Each of them mentioned something different that positively impacted them, which I then realised were three significant pillars that supported the vision of MOVE Academy Singapore. These pillars will give you a hint of what is to come in 2018!

We aren’t superheroes. We aren’t invincible. Our body breaks, and we do not get to replace it. All of us at MOVE Academy Singapore are as common as the common man, with our daily routines. On the contrary, the way we train takes exactly that into account. We respect our body and that is why we want to explore its fullest potential. We train to prepare our mind and body for the next challenge that life throws at us. We actually yearn and learn to start looking for those challenges. We understand that it takes a culture of effort for anything to be more meaningful. We start together, and we finish together.

Together is better. As much as our physical practice of Art Du Deplacement / Parkour / Movement is an individual journey, it is also one where we support each other. We are happy when we achieve something new, or a personal breakthrough. We are also happy when we see our peers going through that. We can appreciate because we go through it ourselves too. And when the going gets tough and we feel like giving up, we are always there to share our encouragement and pick each other up, literally. As we continue to cultivate this sense of community, we remember the greater community who might need our support. We train and we aspire to keep giving, in the way we know best; To be strong to be useful.

Be patient and trust your journey. Those of us who have dedicated our lives, effort and time to help MOVE Academy Singapore to grow, somehow have very strong motivation and beliefs. Most of the time, against all odds. Why though? It is because we have each gone through a transformation in our personal journeys because of Art Du Deplacement. It changed our lives for the better in different ways, and we want to continue inspiring others with our individual stories. This, is for the future. It is all about long-term and healthy growth, discovering our peak potential, as well as graceful, positive aging. Our mantra? To be and to last.

At MOVE Academy Singapore, we want to positively impact the lives of others, and inspire personal transformation through physical practice. Our medium is movement, and our mission is clearly delivered through the three pillars of Empowerment, Community and Transformation. We strive to create a safe space to empower and be empowered through Art Du Deplacement, by embracing the spirit of learning and all of its positive applications in life.

Wishing you a great 2018 ahead with vigour!

Coach Fagan & the MOVE Team

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