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What will you learn?

Our Movement, Strength & Mobility classes will help you to:

  1. Gain better self-awareness of what is happening in your body and how it works
  2. Learn techniques to manage or prevent pain
  3. Learn exercises and effective use of tools to improve your body mobility and strength, which can:
    1. Support mitigation of and recovery from injuries
    2. Prevent injuries
  4. Increase your body’s range of motion and learn to move better which can:
    1. Improve physical freedom in your daily lifestyle
    2. Improve your performance in physical activities
  5. Learn progressions to achieve wider range of motion to perform middle splits
  6. Improve your body well-being in a fun and enjoyable manner without feeling like it’s a chore or feeling stressed
MOVE Movement Strength Rings class
MOVE Stick Mobility class

Why are Movement, Strength & Mobility classes important?

1. Pain management

Pain is inevitable, but inability to manage them well doesn’t have to be. You will learn to effectively address body pain that typically happen due to sedentary lifestyle and office work.

2. Injury management and prevention

Learn to mitigate, recover and rehabilitate from injuries from physical activities. More than that, you will also build your body’s capacity to go beyond its previous capability and therefore preventing similar injuries.

3. Quality of life improvement

Experience more ease and freedom in daily life movement and physical activities without pain. Improve joint health and promote physical longevity of your body.

4. Performance improvement in physical activities

Gain the ability to perform middle splits and pancake, which are useful for restoring pain-free balance to the hip, and are vital for certain skill pursuits such as straddle, press handstand, and other movement disciplines. You will begin to notice improvement in your performance in various physical activities such as dance, sports, martial arts, etc.

5. Have fun and release stress while connecting with like-minded people

Get to know new like-minded friends on the same journey towards better quality of life, while having fun getting more mobile and stronger. Release stress from work and other demands in life through movement.

Classes for different needs

MOVE - Stick Mobility - Jeanette
Stick Mobility: Movement Made Better

A full-body workout that uses the Mobility Stick as a tool to improve range of motion, muscle activation, coordination, and body awareness to build a strong foundation for better movement and take your performance to the next level.

Suitable for:

  • Improving overall physical well-being, body awareness and full body strength
  • Preventing injury and recovery acceleration
  • Enhancing sports performance
MOVE Kinstretch Class - Mobility & Strength Full Body
Mobility & MOTR

Motion is lotion! Keep your joints happy and healthy in this all-level mobility class. Learn drills to safely increase your usable range of motion so you can enhance your sports performance, prevent injuries and allow your body to function better as a whole. Get to try out the MOTR, a pilates reformer tool, which we will use to supplement our training to give you greater proprioception (important for body awareness, balance and coordination) and added resistance.

The class is good for people who are recovering from injury, experiencing aches and pain from a sedentary lifestyle, or just generally want to increase their flexibility for their sport.

Suitable for:

  • Improving mobility for greater ease through daily life
  • Recovering from injury
  • Enhancing sports performance

MOVE Movement Strength class
Mobility : Beginners Front Split & Backbends

Tired of stretching and stretching and not getting any lasting results? Join this six-week term class to expand your usable range of motion safely, without pushing too hard or breaking your body. Experience hip and back strengthening exercises (which are also great of posture!), end range strength training and learn ways to overcome range limitations or deal with pain.

This class is great for dancers looking to increase their flexibility so they can look better and perform skills with ease, yoga enthusiasts looking to enter the perfect back bend or front split pose, or just anyone who feels stuck in their flexibility training and want a safe and progressive programme to help them reach their goals. You will be given progressions suited to your unique body structure and addressing your specific weak areas.

Suitable for:

  • Unlocking the skill of front splits and back bends
  • Improving overall physical well-being, body awareness and hips mobility
  • Enhancing sports and training performance
MOVE Kinstretch Class
Movement Foundation

Movement foundation is a fun and interactive class that helps you develop your movement potential holistically. You will build strength, gain better motor control, coordination, spatial awareness and balance.

In this class, experience targeted drills to hone your strength and motor control towards developing specific movement skills for your sport, be it parkour, dance, martial arts or more. Learn to string together complex movement patterns, challenge your movement potential, and develop adaptability and resiliency. You will be given progressions tailored to your level to help you expand your limits safely.

Suitable for:

  • Movement flow and improvisation explorers
  • Strengthening body and mind in unconventional ways
  • Improving body and spatial awareness

Class schedule

Term classes are $240 per term of 6 classes. $45 per drop-in.

Weekly classes are $35 per studio class.



Movement Foundation 

@ Teadent

12pm to 1pm


Movement Foundation: Strength and Basic Sequences 

@ Teadent

6.45pm to 7.45pm


Mobility : Beginners Front Split & Backbends

@ Teadent

8pm to 9pm

($240 / 6-class term)

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Mobility & MOTR 

@ Teadent

6.45pm to 7.45pm



Movement Foundation 

@ Teadent

10am to 11am


Mobility & MOTR 

@ Teadent

11am to 12pm



Movement Foundation 

@ Teadent

11.30am to 12.30pm


Mobility : Full Body Flexibility

@ Teadent

6.45pm to 8.15pm

($300 / 6-class term)

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Kids Parkour Holiday Camp

Develop your child’s body and mind through movement

A challenging and fun-filled 3-day and 5-day summer holiday camp intensive that helps your child grow mentally, physically and socially in a positive and safe space. This Parkour camp is led by Coach CP (Denester), the Vice President of Parkour Singapore, and lead Parkour coach at MOVE Academy Singapore. Coach Nachos, the President of Parkour Singapore, and Coach Calvin may be assisting as well.

This special camp programme is suitable for kids from 5 to 12 years old, and takes place 9am to 12pm daily at Bishan during the holiday season. The kids will be guided and grouped according to their maturity and ability, in order to give them the most optimal learning experience.

7 – 11 SEP

3-day camp

7 – 9 Sep


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5-day camp

7 – 11 Sep


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If you cannot find a date, timing or location that works for you, get in touch with us via the WhatsApp button below, or contact us via our online form. We’ll discuss with you to see if we can schedule a camp at your preferred date, time and location.

About our coaches

Coach Charis

MOVE Team - Charis

Charis started her movement exploration as a dancer, first experiencing various street dance forms and then contemporary dance. Seeing herself and her peers getting injured over the years while performing, practising and being a dance instructor frustrated her, which led her to find ways to help herself and others.

Gaining new understanding of her body and movement over the years through continual learning and exploring ways to strengthen the body, she began seeing similarities between art forms. With this came a versatility in how she helps people find novel and practical solutions for their needs.

She loves that movement does not discriminate and she see clients from all ages and capabilities. From the very young to the very old, professional athletes to someone who has trouble lifting their leg, movement is for everyone. She’s also a choreographer, singer, and co-founded Teadent.

Follow her on Instagram.

“Fluid Strength (Movement & Strength) – as the name of the class implies – is an exploration of grace and water-like “fluidity” of movement. Here, Charis draws from her significant background in dance and other movement disciplines to come up with sequences for participants to practice and work on, while interspersing strength conditioning exercises in between to ensure that everyone gains the requisite strength and mobility to execute the moves confidently and safely. The class provides a safe space for individuals to explore creativity in movement while working within their physical capabilities.

– NY Wong

Coach Don

MOVE Team - Don

Don is a movement practitioner who believes that movement is for everyone. Passionate about helping people move better, he began teaching after getting his ACE Certification as a Personal Trainer in 2017. He attended Movement Camp 2019 in Thailand by Ido Portal and has taken Ido’s online coaching programme to further his movement study.

Having learnt and practised many disciplines over the years such as Calisthenics, Tai Chi, Floor-work, Capoeira, Acroyoga, Environmental Practice, Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer etc, Don is a huge believer in learning through play.

If you are willing to discover new practices and change the way you see fitness to develop not only a strong but an intelligent body, Don is the teacher for you.

Follow him on Instagram.

“Don’s content and methods have been down-to-earth and achievable in the transformative training experience I had with him. I’m now in my late 40s, and I’ve never felt stronger.

With him, I have grown in strength, flexibility, coordination and balancing over the last two years. Juggling, walking on poles, moving to rhythm and tempo, movement flows are just some of the fun things we do during the trainings.

Don has demonstrated how our minds possess endless possibilities. He has also shown high level of respect for his clients, and care for those who suffer from injury by creating effective recovery programmes specific to their needs. I look forward to more laughter and gains with him.”

– Dan Tam

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