MOVE Academy’s Protocol for COVID-19

Updated: 29 Mar 2020

Dear all,

We are highly committed to your safety and wellbeing at MOVE.

In response to the current COVID-19 situation, below are the measures we are taking and how they might affect you and your experience at MOVE:

1. Conditions to stay away from classes and events
For the consideration of your fellow classmates and coaches, please DO NOT attend MOVE’s classes and events for at least 14 days if:

  • You have recently travelled to any places outside of Singapore in the past 14 days
  • You are in close contact* with someone who has been suspected or laboratory-confirmed with the COVID-19, or who has been issued Stay Home Notice by the Ministry of Health
    *Close contact is defined as: Being within 2 metres of a person for a prolonged period of time of at least 15 minutes; close contact can occur while caring for, living with, visiting, or sharing a healthcare waiting area or an enclosed room with that person
  • You are feeling unwell, having fever (body temperature 37.5 degree centigrade and above), flu or other respiratory symptoms. Please see a doctor, get yourself checked up and tested negative for the virus before returning to classes.
  • You are on a Leave of Absence as per Ministry of Manpower’s Advisory of 27 Jan 2020
  • You are issued an Isolation / Quarantine Order / Stay Home Notice by the Ministry of Health
  • You are quarantined as a suspect case
  • You have been diagnosed with the COVID-19

If you fall under any of the categories above, please submit a request for consideration to extend your pass expiry date to us, with supporting documents attached, such as your travel itinerary, medical certificate, doctor’s note, letter from the relevant authorities, etc.

We will not extend pass expiry dates should you decide to stay away from classes if you do not fall under the travel / illness -related measures outlined above.

All passes and memberships affected by physical class attendance restrictions will have their expiry extended by 40 days

2. MOVE’s rights to refuse entry to classes
Students who display symptoms of illness outlined above or suspected to be in one of the conditions above will be refused from attending our classes, and pass credits will be returned in these cases. We are happy to work with you on a case-by-case basis. Safety first!

3. Most classes will continue until further notice. Class experience will be tweaked to ensure students’ and coaches’ safety
All class students are advised wash their hands with soap BEFORE and AFTER each class, and avoid rubbing their eyes or touching their nose or mouth with their hands. Our coaches will remind class students about this to make sure strict personal hygiene is observed.

Classes at Kinex are moved to outdoors till further notice
We have moved our all our Kinex classes to well-ventilated outdoor spaces for the time being.

Classes for kids and youth suspended till further notice
18 y.o. and below not allowed to attend any of our physical classes

Phoenix classes will be conducted online till further notice
1. How to book and attend:
2. 50 y.o. and above not allowed to attend any of our physical classes

Rules and measures for all ongoing physical classes
1. Please observe strict personal hygiene standards and your health condition before attending class.
2. Only participants 19 y.o. to 49 y.o. allowed to attend.
3. Max 9 participants per outdoor class, and max 5 participants per Kraken class. Please book class early! We will turn away people who didn’t book if the class gets full.
4. Temperature-taking and declaration form submission ( before each class will be mandatory to facilitate contact tracing and comply with regulations.
5. Minimum 1 metre distance between all participants

We will monitor our coaches’ health closely and make sure they take necessary steps to seek medical attention and self-quarantine if they are feeling unwell.

We will make sure the spaces and equipments we use for our indoor classes are disinfected frequently, and our outdoor classes will continue to be held in well-ventilated areas with no or minimal crowd.

4. Classes may be cancelled depending on government advisory or DORSCON level
We may at any time cancel classes if the national threat level of COVID-19 increases to critical levels. We will continue to monitor the alert level and advisories issued by the Ministry of Health and act accordingly.

Meanwhile, do be responsible, remain vigilant and adopt good personal hygiene practices (See Health Advisory from Ministry of Health for more info). Do not speculate or spread misinformation.

Stay calm, stay safe and we hope to see you soon!


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