Fluid Strength

MOVE Fluid Strength Class

Strengthen your mind and body through play, exploration and creativity in floor movement

What will you learn?

Fluid Strength is a class that strengthens your mind and body in unconventional ways through task based training, play and explorations of floor movements, footwork, improvisation and your own creativity.

Improve your body and spacial awareness, become more adaptable through this fun, unconventional and interactive class.

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Class details

  • Who can attend: Suitable for everyone age 13 and above, and all fitness levels. Do let the coach know of any notable pre-existing conditions before the class begins.
  • Time: Every Tuesday, 8pm to 9pm
  • Location: Teadent Space – 21A/B Kreta Ayer Rd, #02-01, S088991
  • Price: $25 per class

About Coach Charis

MOVE Team - Charis

Charis started her movement exploration as a dancer, first experiencing various street dance forms and then contemporary dance. Seeing herself and her peers getting injured over the years while performing, practising and being a dance instructor frustrated her, which led her to find ways to help herself and others.

Gaining new understanding of her body and movement over the years through continual learning and exploring ways to strengthen the body, she began seeing similarities between art forms. With this came a versatility in how she helps people find novel and practical solutions for their needs.
She loves that movement does not discriminate and she see clients from all ages and capabilities. From the very young to the very old, professional athletes to someone who has trouble lifting their leg, movement is for everyone. She’s also a choreographer, singer, and co-founded Teadent.

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Charis offers private coaching sessions that can be tailored to your needs

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“Fluid Strength – as the name of the class implies – is an exploration of grace and water-like “fluidity” of movement. Here, Charis draws from her significant background in dance and other movement disciplines to come up with sequences for participants to practice and work on, while interspersing strength conditioning exercises in between to ensure that everyone gains the requisite strength and mobility to execute the moves confidently and safely. The class provides a safe space for individuals to explore creativity in movement while working within their physical capabilities.

– NY Wong

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