MOVE FloorPlay class

Floor-based movement to create a practice suited to a goal, from sequenced loops to mobility

What will you learn?

The floor is safe.

This class encourages movement exploration without having concerns of fitting in a box of “dancer”, “mover” or even “unicorn”.

Concepts and foundational movement patterns are used to guide your unique body language, unique because you move like you, not like anyone else, and that is special.

If you enjoy toxic self-criticism, this class is not for you.

MOVE FloorPlay class student
MOVE FloorPlay class crowd

Why FloorPlay?

Why adopt explorative movement?

Cognitive function, motor function, mechanotransduction are just a few major reasons to adopt such practices.

In trendier terms – movement intelligence, mindfulness, active meditation and the psychological influences from physical adaptation.

Class details

  • Who can attend: Suitable for everyone over 16 years old, with interest in movement training, freestyle dance, explore play, and recovering patients suffering from cognitive-related interference.
  • Time & Location: Coming Soon – Let us know if you’re interested!

About Coach Emily

MOVE Team - Emily

Emily doesn’t like being classed to a box. Since she does need to live on planet earth, you may call her a passionate coach, in whatever she’s teaching at the time. On Teadent / MOVE, Emily teaches FloorPlay.

Her own practices are currently floor movement, pole flow, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & expressive dance. She had spent the past 16 years in the industries of health & fitness, martial arts, pole, aerial arts & modern circus. She invested holding roles in education, physique training, competitions, performances,
conferences, TV show, business running, and coaching. Things she want more time exploring include Parkour, acrobatics, flow arts and weaponry skills.

Emily embodies learning through teaching and being a student of life. She hopes that a life philosophy as such helps more people realize the leaders in them, and embrace the struggles of valuable lessons.

Follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and her Website.

Emily offers private coaching sessions that can be tailored to your needs

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