MOVE Explorassions Class

A physical and mental experience of defining the cornerstones for improving physical ability

What will you experience?

Phoenix is the exploration of the unknown and the expression of our natural desire through movement.

This class covers:

1. End Range Tensioning

We are weakest at the end ranges of our flexibility, and usually injure ourselves there. We will learn how to overcome initial discomforts in approaching our weaknesses, then build resilience by gaining strength and confidence through intensity.

2. Consistency of Strength

We will discover how to tap into natural motivation and befriend fears while exploring a variety of isolated and compound movements, greatly expanding our library of sensations which develops holistic strength and provides a stable line of growth.

3. Ownership of Practice

The main goal of this class is to facilitate the independence of practice through honing awareness and extensive experimentation, enabling us to maintain a high sense of safety while understanding how to always push our limits independently.

MOVE Explorassion
MOVE Explorassion
MOVE Explorassion

Why should you attend?

1. You will improve your own safety

Being able to be super clear with your intentions greatly reduces your chances of injury.

2. You will grow

Imagine never being bored again with fixed routines and developing strong fundamentals for branching out to other disciplines.

3. It’s joyful

Learning about your body through having the space to experiment is a great joy that can give you fulfilment beyond needing to sweat it out.

Class details

  • Who can attend: Absolute beginners and advanced practitioners, with or without injuries and health conditions, between ages 18-65. There will be something for everybody as long as you have an open mind to try an unusual, self-directed approach to fitness.
  • Time:
    • Every Tuesday, 8am to 9.30am (GMT+8)
    • Every Thursday, 8am to 9.30am (GMT+8)
  • Location: Bishan Spot 1
  • Price: $25 per class.

About Coach Shie Boon

MOVE Team - Shie Boon

Shie Boon’s dream is to build a school of life that marries knowledge with emotional and spiritual fulfilment to lead a kinder, more purposeful and collaborative future generation of humankind that is able to masterfully sustain a thriving Earth of complementing species.

He currently teaches parkour to toddlers and seniors in MOVE Academy Singapore as he finds movement a powerful tool to help anyone maintain or gain a sense of freedom and spiritual grounding. He enjoys facilitating harmony between the physical and emotional realms which he believes is true education. Teadent is his next step towards building his dream school.

Shie Boon teaches Parkour (Art du Déplacement), is a FRC mobility specialist, Kinstretch teacher and is currently developing his own method of training known as Explorassion.

Follow him on Instagram and Website.

Shie Boon offers private coaching sessions that can be tailored to your needs

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“Our 4 year old has been taking the Bambini the past 3 months and LOVES it! The confidence, body confidence and social skills have skyrocketed noticeably since the first class. The Bambini instructor Shie Boon is a high caliber teacher / instructor / coach who demonstrates his deep understanding of children’s development, respect in all aspects, body safety and communication. He is a thoughtful, patient, positive and encouraging person who uses such positively wonderful language that both my wife and I continue to learn from and be inspired by in our peaceful parenting journey. Thank you!”

– Phillip Raskin

Coach Shie Boon is a rare breed – Very patient, gentle, unassuming & respectful young man, best suited to teach us seniors in a safe & enjoyable way. I have enjoyed every class, which are never the same each time, since I “accidentally” picked up parkour a year ago. Most importantly, we are taught how to protect ourselves & minimise injury, in the unfortunate event of us falling.”

– Bernice Tan

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