Esprit Yamak × Esprit Concrete Weekend Workshop

Esprit Yamak × Esprit Concrete Weekend Workshop

Experience the origins. Explore within you.

The original spirit of Art Du Déplacement (ADD) is coming to Singapore again, this time in collaboration with Esprit Concrete from UK.

For this 1-day Esprit Yamak × Esprit workshop in March 2020, we are excited to welcome Chau Belle (Yamakasi & ADD Co-founder), Kasturi Torchia (Esprit Concrete Co-founder, and Parkour UK Mental Health Lead), and Gogoly Yao (Esprit Concrete Co-founder and Head Coach).

This is a rare opportunity for movement practitioners in Singapore and Southeast Asia to learn from their knowledge and way of training, push your boundaries, and broaden your comprehension of movement and yourself.

[About the Esprit Yamak workshop]

The practice of l’Art Du Déplacement (ADD) was born in the suburbs of Paris in the late 1980s amongst a group of young people joined by friendship and family ties. At first they played together testing their strength and agility. They called themselves Yamakasi, which in Lingala dialect means ‘strong spirit’, ‘strong body’, ‘strong person’.

In a spirit of sharing and mutual encouragement to grow stronger and go further beyond their limits, they developed a rigorous training system of exercises and techniques to prepare themselves for higher levels of physical and mental mastery.

Since the 1980s the practice has spread worldwide (also as Parkour) and ADD has been further developed by four of them – Chau Belle, Williams Belle, Yann Hnautra and Laurent Piemontesi – who kept on practising it and spreading a culture of sharing, improving well-being through mental and physical effort, as well as values such as respect, good will, resilience and courage.

‘Esprit Yamak’ workshop is open to all those interested in experiencing ADD in its original spirit of research, commitment and sharing.

[About the Esprit Concrete Method workshop]

Kasturi and Yao will be sharing a small portion of their vision, a method of training and teaching style to aim to facilitate self-reflection of one’s practice, perhaps form new perceptions of ones practice in the hope of nurturing one’s relationship to their practice and its role within their lives.

The workshop will be a mixture of discussion, reflection, movement drills, 1:1 feedback and probing as well as a unique forum to explore more personal queries and quests should they arise or should you arrive with them to toe!

It will be new for many of you, it may feel strange for some but it will be warm, welcoming and what they hope is a memorable experience in more ways than one.

Esprit Concrete is excited to spend 6 whole hours (and more) getting to know people intimately during this incredible weekend. They welcome all abilities as they work in a very person-centred way and use progressions both technically as well as conversationally when giving feedback – so even if you have never tried ADD, Freerunning or Parkour before, please come!

They are eagerly awaiting to meet you all and are thrilled to be able to embrace yet another incredible learning experience for them and their iterative methodology.


Programme Outline

Participants will be split into two groups to take turns to attend the workshops in the morning and in the afternoon.
8 March 2020, Sunday
Location: Residential area (To be confirmed)
8am – 11am: (Group A) Esprit Yamak workshop / (Group B) Esprit Concrete Method workshop
11am – 12pm: Lunch break
12pm – 3pm: (Group A) Esprit Concrete Method workshop / (Group B) Esprit Yamak workshop
3pm – 4pm: Break
4pm – 6pm: Discussion + Open Training and Stretching


Who can come: All (14 year old and above) are welcome to attend the workshops, regardless of ADD / Freerunning / Parkour / movement experience. A moderate to high level of fitness is recommended, and exercises can be adapted for any current injuries. Just remember to bring your energy with you each day!

What to bring: Only what you can comfortably run with. We recommend a small backpack with water, sunscreen, and any other essentials. We will be close to eateries during the lunch break so you can get lunch around the area.

Venue: Specific workshop locations will be released closer to the event, but all will be easily accessible around central of Singapore.

Financial assistance available on case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you need help.

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