MOVE Academy’s Protocol for COVID-19

MOVE Academy’s Protocol for COVID-19

Updated: 22 Nov 2021

Dear all,

We are highly committed to your safety and wellbeing at MOVE. 100% of MOVE coaches have been fully vaccinated, and go through weekly routine Antigen Rapid Test.

In response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, below are the measures we are taking and how they might affect you and your experience at MOVE:


  • Physical classes are defined as MOVE Academy’s classes or other programmes (e.g. Birthday party, corporate event, workshops, etc) taking place indoors at our premises (e.g. Kraken Gym, Teadent Space), or outdoors at an allocated public space.
  • Online classes are defined as MOVE Academy’s classes or other programmes that are live-streamed via Zoom over the internet.

9 Aug 2021 Updates

Hi everyone, for the safety and peace of mind for our community during this crucial period, here are some changes that will be enforced between from 10 Aug 2021 onwards in response to the latest advisory from Sport Singapore on 7 Aug 2021.

Indoor venues: Teadent to remain open, Kraken to be closed

Teadent will remain open.

Kraken Gym will remain temporarily closed till further notice.

Affected classes at these venues will be adapted or suspended accordingly, as detailed below.

Movement physical classes at Teadent will continue with additional measures

What will change

  • A well-fitting mask with good filtration efficiency shall be worn at all times for all classes.
  • Common shared equipment will only be shared and used by fully-vaccinated individuals, otherwise no equipment will be provided.
  • Students will be spread out into groups of 2.
  • Students MUST indicate their vaccination status before attending any class. If you are fully-vaccinated, you only need to submit the form once.
  • Bring your own water to drink in the waiting areas. Please do not talk with your mask off.

All movement physical regular classes and term classes will continue at the same timings

  1. Fluid Strength (Adults) All Levels
  2. Mobility: Full Body (Adults) All Levels
  3. Gymnastics Rings (Adults) All Levels
  4. Handstand (Adults) Intermediate at Teadent
  5. Mobility: Middle Splits & Pancake (Adults) All Levels
  6. Mobility: Front Split & Backbends (Adults) All Levels
  7. Handstand (Adults) Beginner

Parkour physical classes will carry on outdoors only 

  1. The following classes will carry on outdoors regardless of vaccination status of participants
    1. Parkour Outdoor (Kids / Adults / Phoenix / Special Needs) All Levels
    2. Parkour & Flips (Kids / Adults) All Levels, without Flips component
    3. Parkour & Flips (Kids) All Levels, without Flips component
    4. Parkour (Adults) Beginner
    5. Parkour (Phoenix) Beginner
  2. Existing reservations for classes held at Kraken will be cancelled till further notice, with credits returned to affected students’ accounts.

Private coaching sessions available

We offer private coaching sessions for the following disciplines at $135/hour. Packages for group size up to 4 pax available.

  1. Mobility: Full Body
    By Coach Charis / Jeanette. Venue: Teadent
  2. Mobility: Middle Splits & Pancake
    By Coach Jeanette. Venue: Teadent
  3. Outdoor Parkour
    By Coach Calvin / Faiz / Gwen / Ian / Shie Boon. Venue: Outdoors


If you are interested, please reach out to MOVE via WhatsApp messaging (87817036), or email (hello@moveacademy) to arrange this.

Online classes available

  1. Mobility: Full Body (Adults) All Levels
    Learn to move better through various joints in your body, feel better, get out of pain and continue to enjoy doing what you love.
    Thu 11.30am. By Coach Charis.

Book an online class on our online schedule >

We may introduce other Online classes and activities from time to time during this period. Stay tuned!

What happens to your Pass Credits

  1. Kraken Pass Expiry Extension
    All unused valid Kraken Passes purchased before 22 Jul 2021 will have their expiry extended by an additional 30 days.
  2. Pass Credit Conversion or Transfer
    – Conversion between your existing Kraken / Regular / Online class credits are allowed, according to their value.
    – You may choose to give away your credits to someone.
    – Please reach out to MOVE via WhatsApp messaging (87817036), or email (hello@moveacademy) to arrange this.

That’s all for now. Please feel free to reach out to MOVE via WhatsApp messaging (87817036), or email (hello@moveacademy) if you have any questions.

Stay safe!

— End of 9 Aug 2021 updates —

1. Conditions to stay away from physical classes and events

For the consideration of your fellow classmates and coaches, please DO NOT attend MOVE’s physical classes and events for at least 14 days if:

  • You have recently travelled to any places outside of Singapore in the past 14 days
  • You are in close contact* with someone who has been suspected or laboratory-confirmed with the COVID-19, or who has been issued Stay Home Notice by the Ministry of Health
    *Close contact is defined as: Being within 2 metres of a person for a prolonged period of time of at least 15 minutes; close contact can occur while caring for, living with, visiting, or sharing a healthcare waiting area or an enclosed room with that person
  • You are feeling unwell, having fever (body temperature 37.5 degree centigrade and above), running nose, coughing, or other respiratory symptoms.
  • You are issued an Isolation / Quarantine Order / Stay Home Notice by the Ministry of Health
  • You have received an MOH SMS to go for a swab or issued a Health Risk Alert or Health Risk Warning
  • You are quarantined as a suspect case
  • You have been diagnosed with the COVID-19

If you fall under any of the categories above, please submit a request for consideration to extend your pass expiry date to us, with supporting documents attached, such as your travel itinerary, medical certificate, doctor’s note, letter from the relevant authorities, etc.

2. MOVE’s rights to refuse entry to physical classes

Students who display symptoms of illness outlined above or suspected to be in one of the conditions above will be refused from attending our physical classes, and pass credits will be returned in these cases. We are happy to work with you on a case-by-case basis. Safety first!

3. Protocol for physical class experience to ensure students’ and coaches’ safety

Please follow these steps strictly if you are attending our physical class:


Before class

  1. Have your TraceTogether token or app with you at all times (before, during and after class – up to 10m away from you if you’re not carrying it with you)
  2. Students attending Outdoor class: Bring your own hand sanitiser to class
  3. Parents/Guardians may only drop their children before class and pick them up after class. Throughout the class, they must be physically away (at least 10m) from the entire group class


Arrival at class location (up to 10 mins before class)

  1. Keep your mask on. Maintain at least 1m safe distance from others while you are queuing or waiting
  2. Check-in via TraceTogether app
    1. Kraken Gym / Teadent: Scan the QR code at the door with your smartphone
    2. Outdoor: Scan the QR code provided by the coach
  3. Take your temperature
    1. The coach will check your temperature with their forehead thermometer and whether you appear unwell
  4. Wash / sanitise your hands
    1. Kraken Gym: You may use the restroom soap for washing
    2. Teadent: You may use the hand sanitisers near the door for sanitising
    3. Outdoor: Use your own hand sanitiser for sanitising


During class

  1. Keep your mask on during class activity period if indoors. You may only have your mask removed if the class activity takes place outdoors.
  2. Maintain 2m safe distance from other students in your own group.
  3. Stick to your own group of two or five students throughout the class. Do not mingle with other group(s). Each group shall be at least 3m from other groups.
  4. Your coach may occasionally spot you within 1m safe distance. Otherwise they will largely be at least 3m away from you.
  5. Your coach will be reminding you to maintain safe distance and stick to your own group throughout the activity.


After class

  1. Keep your mask on.
  2. If you are at Kraken Gym, help to wipe down some of the equipment you have used with disinfectant provided by the coach.
  3. Wash / sanitise your hands
  4. Check-out via TraceTogether app


4. What happens to existing Passes and Memberships

  • Conversion between your existing Kraken / Regular class credits and Online class credits are allowed, according to their value. Please reach out to us to arrange this.

5. Classes may be cancelled, or moved to online or outdoors depending on the situation

We may at any time cancel classes, or move them online or outdoors depending on the COVID-19 situation in Singapore. We will continue to monitor guidance issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports Singapore, and act accordingly.

Meanwhile, please continue to practise safe distancing if you’re out, and adopt good personal hygiene practices (See Health Advisory from Ministry of Health for more info). Do not speculate or spread misinformation.

Get vaccinated if you haven’t already done so, to protect our community.

Please feel free to reach out to MOVE via WhatsApp messaging (87817036), or email (hello@moveacademy) if you have any questions.

Stay calm, stay safe and keep moving!