Every class a moving experience

Every class a moving experience

We aim to build a safe space in a messy world

MOVE Academy started as a Parkour school. As we matured, we learnt the benefits of practising other art forms, based on our firm belief in universal interdependence. Beyond differing foundations, we see the endless possibilities of movement, where we value the unique view everyone brings. Mutually inspired, we build a safe space in a messy world.

MOVE Academy Safe Space

Your holistic experience begins here

MOVE Academy Classes - Physical


We believe body conditioning is key to building a strong body and body awareness.

MOVE Academy Classes - Technical


We strive for technical mastery through efficient movement, self-expression, and effective application in the real-world environment.

MOVE Academy Classes - Mental


To develop a strong mind, we work on our creativity, mental resilience and emotional well-being.

MOVE Academy Classes - Spiritual


We cultivate a strong spirit within and among ourselves as we explore the meaning of life, and grow relationships with people in the community.

There’s a class for everyone

All classes provide personalised progressions for beginners and experienced students, across a diverse range of disciplines and class types. Even those who are just looking for a simple home workout!

Due to COVID-19, we only offer online classes for now.

MOVE Parkour Conditioning Class

Parkour Conditioning

Develop your core stability for any movement with Nachos.

Consider this metaphor: The trunk links the roots and the branches into one system. If the trunk is frail, a robust canopy or a deep root system cannot benefit one another.

This class will show you how you can unite your upper and lower body strength in movements.

Suitable for age 13 and above

Develop strength and mobility for robust movement

Mon 6.30pm

MOVE Kinstretch Class


Develop maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion with Charis

The KINSTRETCH system is one born out of scientific research. All the movements and training techniques have been chosen based on a careful and rigorous study of evidence, led by physical conditioning and medical experts, as it pertains to body control, injury reduction, joint health, and physical longevity.

Suitable for age 13 and above

Increase body control, prevent injuries, increase joint health and physical longevity

Mon 11.30am & Tue 6.30pm

MOVE Fluid Strength Class

Fluid Strength

Improve your body and spacial awareness, become more adaptable through this fun, unconventional and interactive class with Charis.

Fluid Strength is a class that strengthens your mind and body in unconventional ways through task based training, play and explorations of floor movements, footwork and your own creativity.

Suitable for age 13 and above

Improve body and spatial awareness, and explore creativity in movement

Tue 8pm

MOVE Explorassions Class


Explore control through various joints in your body, observe the natural desire to move, heed your intuition, and reflect upon life with Shie Boon.

This online class is suitable for anyone who is willing to try.

Suitable for any age

Explore body movements and practise mindfulness

Tue 8am, Thu 8am & Sat 8am

MOVE Handstand Class

Beginner Handstand

Get started in handstands, learn to properly load joints, and work on your core with Jay.

Catered to those who just got started, or intends to get started in handstands. This class will be intense, with focus on how to properly load your joints and link your kinetic chain, aka your core.

Suitable for age 13 and above

Develop strength, body awareness and handstand skills

Wed 8.30pm

MOVE Capoeira Class


Experience Capoeira foundation, movements, and conditioning with KY.

You will learn the basic movements of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts / dance discipline, which comprises of basic kicks, dodges and simple acrobatics. Specific movements/floreios will also be covered during the sessions, which will also include targeted conditioning to boost your progression.

Suitable for age 13 and above

Develop strength, body awareness and movement skills

Thu 7pm & Sat 2pm

MOVE Asian Squats Class

Asian Squats with CP

Find out your weak points, try out challenges, and keep your joints healthy with CP.

This class offers hip, knee, and ankle mobility exploration in the squat – a very important position to be in, especially in activities like Parkour, Gymnastics, Dance, Martial Arts, etc.

Suitable for age 13 and above

Develop mobility, flexibility and strength

Fri 7pm

MOVE Parkour At Home Class

Parkour @ Home with CP

Overcome obstacles in the comfort of your home with a little bit of determination, creativity, and hard-work with CP.

Itching to learn or practise Parkour, but don’t feel safe to train by yourself outdoors?

In this class, CP will take you through Movement Flow, Creativity Challenges, Power and Control, and everything else possible. 🙂

Suitable for age 13 and above

Develop mobility, strength, and functional movement skills. Explore creativity within constraints.

Sat 12pm

MOVE Teadent

New classes and workshops

MOVE, as part of its new Teadent project, is collaborating with various coaches and artists to offer new classes and workshops.

Art Journaling

Learn how to organize sketches, thoughts and writings in a journal form with Melissa

Sat 10.30am

J•A•M Jazz Dance

Express yourself with basic jazz dance moves in a fun, encouraging space with Daphne

Sat 5.30pm


Build strength and capacity to help you move better and become more resilient with Charis

Wed 9.30am

Pilates: Stability Strength with Fluidity

Move through a series of exercises to build core strength and joint stability for improvement in posture and health with Jasmine

Thu 12pm

Sketchbook Ideas

Learn how to thumbnail and sketch small as a way to get your creativity going Stephanie

Sat 3.30pm

The Art of Falling

Find out what Falling means, and how to use it. Perspectives from the daily and mundane to the creative, acrobatic, and risk-embracing with Wei-An

Wed 6.30pm

Yoga: Function Align Flow

Develop awareness with the body-mind-breath connection as you flow through class with alignment and functionality with Rachel Wang

Fri 8.30am

Party Dancing

A session where your movement is as big as your imagination. Learn movement patterns, footwork, freestyle/improv concepts and choreography with Vishal.

Thu 7.30pm

An everyday schedule

Can’t make it for a certain time slot? You can still book the class and get access to the class recording for two weeks after.

Super simple pricing

We believe in simple pricing. We offer all classes at the most reasonable price possible. No contracts that tie you down. No sneaky recurring bills. Pay for only what you need.


For your first online class

  • Choose from any online class (worth $15)


Per online class

  • One straightforward price for any class type
  • Available in 1x, 5x and 10x packs


Unlimited classes per week

  • Attend any number of classes over 7 days
  • Manual renewal

Try your first class for $5

MOVE Academy Online Class

To attend the class, you’ll need stable internet connection and Zoom app installed on your device

Frequently asked questions

Are the skills you are teaching hard to learn?

Every student has a different goal. Therefore, we delight in helping you grow at a safe pace you can manage, with no competition or boot-camp shouting.

While training together with your classmates, you’ll get to learn from one another and bond through shared challenges.

If you can move and love to play, you can definitely learn something. Don’t worry about making mistakes, as every mistake is also a lesson learnt! Embrace the awkwardness that comes with learning anything new, as awkwardness is the indicator of learning.

Anyway, don’t overthink this. It’s probably easier than you think. ?

I am old/unfit. Am I qualified to attend?

You may think only the young and active can learn new skills. Yet, we have taught students of diverse backgrounds from 4 years old to 70+ years old.

In fact, many students began their training from an inactive lifestyle, and have discovered a whole new meaning to physical, mental, and spiritual health over time.

No matter what your abilities are, we have a class for you. We strongly believe that anyone can enjoy the benefits of movement training and other art forms.

Is Parkour dangerous?

Safety and strong sense of self-awareness are our academy culture’s established default.

With years of experience in managing danger under our belt, we emphasise the importance and teach the ways of keeping ourselves safe at all times.

Above all, safety starts with being mindful of one’s limits, and having the discipline to refrain. Through practice and with our help, you will be able to achieve this self-awareness.

I am too busy. How do I find time to learn and improve?

As you learn movement with MOVE Academy, you will gain the appreciation that the world is your playground, just like when you were a kid. That perspective shift makes all the difference.

You will learn the simple concepts that you can quickly apply in your daily life, like balancing on a bus, striding up the stairs, or squatting safely against a wall. Every little thing you have within your reach, with a little bit of imagination and creativity, can be used for your learning.

Keep an open mind of play and exploration, and you will gain a lot from slightest change in your habits.

Have a question? Talk to us