Learn Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art disguised as a dance

What will you learn?

Experience Capoeira history, music, foundation, movements, and conditioning outdoors in the heart of the city.

This class covers:

1. Martial art & Movement

Applying the martial art element into our movements is what makes up Capoeira. Capoeira practitioners (aka Capoeiristas) move objectively, be it finding an opening to attack or feinting to trick their opponents. You will be taught how to think like a martial artist, and to move with finesse like a dancer, while appreciating the beauty of different fighting styles.

2. Acrobatics & Floreios

The mark of good Capoeiristas is the arsenal of movements at their disposal. This is where acrobatics and floreios (aka floor movements) come into play. Diversity makes your movements unpredictable, and at the same time adds character and creates the ‘wow factor’.

3. Music & Rhythm

As we incorporate dance into our movement art, it is inevitable for it to be complemented with music. Rhythm of the music heavily influences the style and pace of the Capoeira game. You will also learn Capoeira songs where you will be exposed to the rich and beautiful poetry and culture behind your movements, and the rich history of Capoeira.

MOVE Capoeira class
MOVE Capoeira class
MOVE Capoeira class
MOVE Capoeira class
MOVE Capoeira class

Why learn Capoeira?

Capoeira truly has something for everyone, despite its Brazilian origins. If you are looking to pick up a new hobby, or simply a new form of exercise, Capoeira gives you that, and more!

1. It’s a Physical Art

Capoeira movements pushes your body to move in ways which you probably have not and will not ever do. For people who are already actively practising other physical art forms, Capoeira will transform all the strength, flexibility, agility, balance, endurance, coordination, rhythm and reflex that you have attained into an art – the physical art of the body.

2. Enjoy wisdom and stories through Music & Poetry

These movements, are always accompanied by music. Each song tells a tale or conveys a message, and serves as a medium to pass down the wisdom of Capoeira masters to the next generation. These gives Capoeira music great depth in poetry and philosophy for all Capoeiristas to explore.

3. You become part of the larger Community

The ‘sparring’ in Capoeira, is not a fight between two Capoeiristas to prove who is better or stronger. Capoeira teaches one to abandon such simplistic views of competition, and places emphasis on something bigger – the community and people we train with. The philosophy of Capoeira encourages us to motivate others to be better, so that we as individuals become better. That is the definition of Capoeira, and that is the meaning of Capoeira.

Class details

This class is now offered by SSC Capoeira Singapore.

Additional notes

Why we teach kids and adults differently

While Capoeira is for everyone, our existing classes are designed for participants aged 13 and above. If you are keen to send your children to Capoeira classes, please drop us a message, and we’ll consider opening kids classes if there is sufficient interest.

We differentiate adults classes and kids classes simply because of the way we learn. Kids tend to be more energetic and flexible, and hence classes are designed to leverage these attributes to enhance their learning. Adults have different physical attributes, and have more developed minds. They tend to appreciate structure, crave logic, and seek to connect new information with what they already know. We seek your understanding in this matter.

Martial Artist, Movers & Dancers

If you practise other forms of traditional martial arts (e.g. Taekwondo, Karate, Wushu, Silat, etc), or have experience in any other movement or dance genres, it is highly likely that you will also enjoy Capoeira.

Participants recovering from injury

If you are currently going through recovery/rehabilitation, consult your physical therapist on what you should or should not be doing, and please speak to our coaches who will give you more personalised advice.

About Coach KY

MOVE Team - KY

KY is an analyst in the finance sector by profession. He deals with numbers in the day, and by night, he allows himself to sink into his passion for Capoeira.

He started his journey in the movement and martial arts world in 2003, as a Taekwondo practitioner. He attained the 1st dan black belt in the year 2008. He found his love for Capoeira in 2010, and had focused his training in the art ever since. Under the apprenticeship of Mestre Xuxo, KY founded the Pelo Sinal da Santa Cruz Capoeira group in Singapore – one of only six Capoeira groups in the country.

KY teaches Capoeira and he believes that the art should be embraced holistically, and the seemingly contradictory philosophies – dance vs martial art, trickery vs objectivity, playfulness vs aggression, can all be embodied within the body, heart and mind of the Capoeirista.

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“Highly skilled and approachable instructor with deep passion for the martial art. KY customises each aspect to different levels and devotes time and effort to observe and understand each student. Nurturing environment to pick up this seemingly daunting discipline. Give it a try!”

– Dickson

“Always look forward to Capoeira class as it is an inclusive environment fuelled with positivity and encouragement. Although it can be challenging at times for me to remember all the moves being taught, I always end up leaving class with a smile on my face. KY is enthusiastic about imparting his knowledge of the art of Capoeira and would customise his lessons to include multi-levels so it is beginner friendly too. Don’t be afraid to try!”

– Mindy Teo

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