Camp Guide

This camp is now managed by Lion City Parkour.

Great! Now that you have booked the camp for your kids, here’s what to expect.

1. Tell us about your child(ren)

Fill up a form to help us learn more about each participant:

  1. Participant’s name
  2. Participant’s age
  3. What’s their movement / sports / martial arts experience, if any?
  4. Any medical conditions or past injuries that the coach should be aware of?
  5. We will be adding people related to the participant into a WhatsApp group chat for camp updates. Who should we add?
  6. We will be providing a camp t-shirt during the camp. What’s their t-shirt size based on this chart?

2. What you should know about the camp

1. What to bring?

Essential items to bring

💧 A filled water bottle of minimum 1 litre of water

🥐 Pack light snacks (biscuits, bread, etc) for the kids as there will be a snack break during each day’s activities

🧻 Wet wipes and/or sanitisers for toilet breaks and general hygiene. Towel for wiping off sweat is optional

Returning campers: Bring your camp skills checklist!

📋 Kids who have attended our previous MOVE camp(s) should bring along their camp skills checklist, so that coaches in this camp can guide them further along base on what they’ve started learning

2. What to wear?

🎽 Comfortable sports attire (optimal: dri-fit and stretchable material) and trainers shoes (optimal: lightweight with soles that have strong grip) suitable for moving about

🚫 Avoid having hard or sharp objects in pocket, or excessive accessories

👓 It’s ok to wear glasses during the activity

😷 Face mask is optional outdoors. When indoors, it should be taken off during strenuous activities.

3. What will happen?

Participant management

🕰 The camp programme will run from 9am to 12pm daily. Do try to arrive at the venue at least 5 minutes in advance in case you have trouble finding it.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The kids will be split into smaller groups based on their skill level and relationship. If you’d prefer your child to be grouped together with someone, please let us know in advance.

🧼 We will make sure the kids sanitise their hands before the camp, during snack time, and after camp


☔️ There are sheltered spots nearby each location so there will be no changes to the meeting locations even if it rains

👫 Parents are not required to stay behind throughout the camp, but you can stay behind if you want to. You can drop them off at the location and pick up them at the end of the day’s activities. You will be informed about any location changes, if any.

🚽 As the locations are public spaces, make sure your kids use the toilet before coming for the camp! There are some public toilets nearby at the locations too, should they need a toilet break. If you are concerned about the hygiene of these public toilets, please do pack sufficient wet wipes and sanitisers with your kids.


💬 We will be adding you into a WhatsApp group chat with other parents where you can get in touch with the coaches, and receive camp updates, a few days before the camp begins

4. Specific locations of the camp

📍Day 1 – Bishan 188

Blk 188, Bishan Street 13, S570188 –

📍Day 2 – AMK

308C Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, S563308 –

📍Day 3 – Kraken Gym

1 Pemimpin Dr, #02-05, S576151 –

📍Day 4 – Bishan Spot 1

204 Bishan Street 22, S570204 –

📍Day 5 – Bishan 188

Blk 188, Bishan Street 13, S570188 –

5. Crowd and risk management

📄 In consideration of the following:

1. The latest Safe Management Measures (SMM) for COVID-19 under the guidance of Sports Singapore

2. The general public’s tendency to be alarmed about Parkour activities in public


🤝 We’d like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to keep your child safe with the following measures:

1. We will strictly follow all Sports Singapore’s guidelines, including:

a. Providing hand sanitisers for use

b. Enforcing strict mask-wearing rules indoors when not performing strenuous activities

2. We will be respectful and careful in the usage of publicly accessible common properties, and will move around various spots within a location from time to time, so as not to create a “crowd”/”scene” in any particular spot.


👮‍♀️ Risk of unlikely police intervention and what the organisers plan to do:

Should there be any unlikely police intervention related to SMM adherence or Parkour activities due to police reports made by members of the public, we may have to halt the camp activities and seek your cooperation to pick your child up at our camp location as soon as possible. We will still proceed with the camp activities on the following day(s) at different locations moving forward, with the same measures. Parents will be given updates about these locations in advance. For the inconvenience caused, we may offer partial refunds in the form of class credits that your child may use in future parkour classes by us.

3. Enjoy the camp

Rest assured that your kids will be in good hands, and they will have a great time learning parkour and valuable life lessons!

The kids will be provided a free t-shirt on Day 4, for their choreographed performance on Day 5 (the last day), which the coach will help to record on video.

Have questions about the camp? Please reach out to to find out more.