Be strong to be useful! – Blood Donation Drive

Be strong to be useful! – Art Du Deplacement core value

For the month of February we will be organizing events in line with one of our core values of Art du Déplacement, ‘Be strong to be useful’. We always believe that all our training that makes us a stronger person physically, mentally and holistically, has a deeper sense of purpose than to serve ourselves. Service to others is the key to building a fulfilling life, apart from being strong individually. We believe in taking that strength and offering it to others, in order to create a solid community and an inclusive world, and in the process being useful.

Thus, we are organising a blood donation drive for MOVE Academy Singapore members and friends this Sunday on 18th Feb 2018, which will be immensely helpful as there is usually a drop in donors during festive periods. This event is open to all within the Academy, ex or current students and any of your friends and family members. Even if you don’t wish to or are unable to donate blood but want to tag along, please feel free!

‘Be strong to be useful’ Blood Donation Drive
by MOVE Academy Singapore
18th February 2018, Sunday, 2pm
Health Science Authority, Outram Park

*Please bring your NRIC.

For those of you going on your own, you can meet us at HSA @ Outram Park at 2pm. If you would like to go together after Sunday classes @ Clementi, please let coach Fagan know immediately, in order to confirm free transport arrangements provided by HSA.

Aren’t a MOVE Academy Singapore student but would still like to come with us? You are most welcome! Please let us know and confirm your attendance by contacting us at:

Remember to ‘Be strong to be useful’, anywhere and everywhere and all the time! See you all there!

Guidelines provided below by Health Science Authority
*If you are considering to donate blood, please have a look!

After speaking with a staff from HSA, it is okay for those of you who are coming for Sunday morning’s moderately intense parkour classes to donate blood, as long as you:

1. Drink lots of water
2. Have a decent meal after the class
3. Have adequate rest the night before

Here is the criteria to be eligible as a blood donor.

1. Be aged 16-60 (donors aged 16 & 17 will need to bring a signed parental consent form –

2. Weigh at least 45kg

3. Not have had fever in the preceding 3 weeks or symptoms of infection (e.g. flu, runny nose, diarrhea, sore throat) in the preceding 1 week

4. Not have travelled to any malaria-endemic countries/regions in the preceding four months. Some common regions include India, Bintan, Batam, Laos, Myanmar, and selected areas within Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand. (This list is not exhaustive. You can call HSA on 6220 0183 to find out if the places you’ve travelled to in the past 4 months would rule you out of blood donation).

5. Have a haemoglobin level of at least 12.5g/dl (for females) and 13.0g/dl (for males). The haemoglobin level will be tested by trained nurses on site, but it’s advisable that you consume iron-rich foods in the lead-up of your donation to boost your levels. (More tips at

6. If you are currently taking (or have recently been taking) medication, you should also call HSA on 6220 0183 to​ verify if you’re eligible.

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