Fall safely in 3 steps

Watch this 5 minutes “Fall safely in 3 steps” video done by our senior students learning Art du Déplacement / Parkour in our Phoenix classes: When we fall: 1. Understand that [...]


Is parkour difficult to learn?

No doubt, parkour definitely appears intimidating to a lot of people. Is parkour difficult to learn? Whether it is perceived to be difficult to you depends on various things: Your physical [...]


10+ Totally Relatable GIFs Of Cats Doing Parkour

Parkour cats GIFs. That’s what you’re here for right? Well, did you know that a lot of parkour and art du déplacement moves are inspired by cat movements? In fact, practitioners of [...]


Thoughts on Parkour

It was another day of class. As the students practiced their vaults across rails, a mother and her child walked past. “What are they doing, mum?”, the child asked. “They are putting themselves in [...]


5 Untrue Parkour Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

This is a guest post by Si Quan, who co-founded Breakdance Decoded. Despite its increasing popularity, there are still plenty of people who have severe misconceptions about what parkour is. I [...]

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