Understanding the Falling Process

Ever since we began teaching seniors Art du Déplacement (Parkour) in our Phoenix classes 6 months ago, delivering the art of falling safely in bite-sized details became a natural priority. [...]


10+ Totally Relatable GIFs Of Cats Doing Parkour

A lot of parkour and art du déplacement moves are inspired by cat movements. In fact, practitioners of the disciplines usually strive to move silently, quickly and safely, like cats (and ninjas). [...]


Thoughts on Parkour

It was another day of class. As the students practiced their vaults across rails, a mother and her child walked past. “What are they doing, mum?”, the child asked. “They are putting themselves in [...]


5 Untrue Parkour Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

This is a guest post by Si Quan, who co-founded Breakdance Decoded. Despite its increasing popularity, there are still plenty of people who have severe misconceptions about what parkour is. I [...]


Parkour Training Spots in Singapore

Did you know that Singapore has some of the most attractive parkour training spots for Parkour practitioners around the world? The huge variety of structures in this super dense urban city, [...]

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