August 2021 Price Increase FAQ

August 2021 Price Increase FAQ

1. Are non-Parkour classes' pricing affected?

Yes. Prices for the following regular, term and online classes will be as follows:

Regular Class ($35 per class)

  • Fluid Strength
  • Mobility: Full Body
  • Gymnastics Rings
  • Intermediate Handstands

Term Class ($240 per 6-weeks term)
These term classes with the new pricing will have additional personal feedback, homework videos and focused coaching via Teadent’s online Mighty Network community platform.

  • Mobility: Middle Splits & Pancake
  • Mobility: Front Split & Backbends
  • Mobility: Ground Flow
  • Beginner Handstands
  • Fluid Strength Term

Online Class ($20 per class)

  • Mobility: Full Body

2. Will existing class passes still be valid and usable from 21 August 2021 onwards?

Yes. We will continue to allow usage of any remaining Regular and Kraken class passes that were purchased before 21 August 2021, to book our outdoor and indoor Parkour classes and indoor Movement classes, at their existing rate.

3. When can I purchase class passes at the current price until?

You can still purchase existing class passes until 20 August 2021. There’s no limit to the number of passes you can purchase now. However, do note that every pass has a 6-months validity period before it expires.

4. How does this affect the Parkour Kids 4-Weeks Term Class prices?

As Parkour kids term classes are part of the Parkour programme we offer, here’s how they prices will be affected from 21 Aug 2021 onwards:

  • Parkour Kids 4-Weeks Outdoor Term Class: Remains at $140 per term
  • Parkour Kids 4-Weeks Indoor + Outdoor Term Class: To be increased to $180 per term (Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions prohibiting unvaccinated children from different households from attending indoor classes with mask off)

Any existing unused credits purchased for Parkour Kids 4-Weeks Term Class will still be valid until they are used up.

5. How does this affect the Parkour Special Needs Class price?

Parkour Special Needs Class will continue to remain at $55 per class for now.

6. How does this affect the Parkour Phoenix Beginner Class price?

Parkour Phoenix Beginner Class will continue to remain at $35 per class for now.