Asian Squats

MOVE Asian Squats Class - Mobility, Stretching

Explore hip, knee and ankle mobility to expand your movement capability

What will you learn?

A hip, knee, and ankle mobility exploration in the squat – a very important position to be in, especially for those who practise Parkour, Gymnastics, Dance, Martial Arts and other physical disciplines. Find out your weak points, try out challenges, and keep your joints healthy!

The class covers:

1. Scalable progressions

Experience many different progressions for different body types/level of flexibility. The beauty of mobility training is that you can easily increase/decrease a range of motion that would adequately challenge you.

2. Fun and unconventional ways of ‘Stretching’

Explore and find new ways and unusual positions to get into! Just like the spirit of Parkour, having the mindset of ‘play’ to attain new ranges safely helps you be more in tune with your body’s movement.

3. Different themes each lesson

Challenge your current mobility through exploring different movement patterns from different sports such as Breakdancing, Tricking, Martial Arts, etc. Learn how important mobility can be in order to function better in all sorts of movements.

MOVE Asian Squats
MOVE Asian Squats
MOVE Asian Squats

Why is good squat mobility important?

1. Prevent injuries and keeps you safer in everyday life

Knee and ankle pains are extremely common due to the impact-bearing nature of most movement sports, thus working on strengthening and bulletproofing our joints are essential to withstand heavier loads before injury and promote longevity of our body health.

2. Unlock potential movement possibilities

When you’re performing movement such as cartwheels with wide-opened legs and straight high kicks, your mobility will be put into the test. Here in this class, we work on increasing our range of motion, so we can unlock certain movement patterns that would otherwise be impossible.

3. Promotes overall body strength and fitness

Mobility training isn’t just lengthening of your joints! It’s a type of strength training that would make you work out a sweat and build muscles (especially at the end-range), all while learning something new about your body.

Class details

  • Who can attend: Suitable for everyone age 7 and above. Do let the coach know of any notable pre-existing conditions before the class begins.
  • Time: Class is not available at the moment. Please contact us if you are interested!

About Coach CP

MOVE Team - Chen Pin

A passionate practitioner for more than 10 years, Chen Pin (CP), also known as Denester, has travelled around the world to teach, perform, and participate in different events and competitions – notably in Beast Coast, Freerun Hefei City, North American Parkour Championships.

He is also a community leader – with his ambitions in growing the Parkour scene regionally, he masterminded the biggest Parkour event in Asia – Lion City Gathering.

With 7 years of coaching experience and counting, he is also proud to be the second person in Asia to have attained the ParkourEDU certification, and aims to share his outlook of Parkour to budding practitioners.

Follow him on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

CP offers private coaching sessions that can be tailored to your needs

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“Lucien started Feb 2019, Parkour Singapore tutelage under Chen Pin. Training for an advanced 8 year old boy was truly amazing, progressive n saw immense improvements in a very short time. Chen Pin spots n nurtures the talent n brings to new heights and excellence. Thank you for the nurturing n the advanced tutelage given to Lucien.”

– Leslie Goh

“Anyone who needs a Parkour coach, or simply want to learn more about Parkour, please check out and contact Chen Pin for a quick chat. Super nice, patient and hardworking young man. It’s amazing how incredibly good and professional he is at what he does (have you seen his moves? If not, go check out his videos) and yet so down to earth and approachable! My son who has severe anxiety issues is really lucky to have him as a coach. Thank you CP, I’ll be forever grateful and you deserve all the success in the world! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

– Christine Ng

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