Art Journaling

MOVE Art Journaling class

Incorporate art into your journaling practice for self-care and creative growth

What will you learn?

Designed for beginners and regular art practitioners alike, this art journaling series provides a safe space that will help you break out of your fear and hesitation to face the blank page.

A class in the series will cover either an art journaling focus area or a technical drawing foundation in “bitesize” format.

This class covers:

1. Art Journaling Focus Area

You will learn the “What” of art journaling, such as self reflection, gratitude, collections and other subject matters that can enrich your journaling experience.

2. Bitesize Technical Series

You will learn the “How” of translating concepts, ideas and images from your head onto a piece of paper, broken down in a fun and step-by-step manner. This includes some drawing foundations such as: composition, colours, perspective, and other technical concept taught in a non-intimidating way!

MOVE Art Journaling class artworks
MOVE Art Journaling class drawing objects

Why learn Art Journaling?

1. Regular self-care with creativity

It helps you keep a regular and sustainable self care practice, while exercising your creative muscles.

2. You become more present

It trains you too slow down and pay more attention, to observe the world around you, and to preserve memories in a lasting and tangible format

3. You learn to document thoughts and experiences with art

When you attend them regularly, my art journaling classes will help you build your own visual vocabulary, so you will eventually be able to effortlessly translate your personal thoughts and experiences into art.

Class details

  • Who can attend: Anyone aged 12 and above who wants to explore the art of sketching and writing in a journal are welcome. No prior experience needed. You will need to have a journal or sketchbook, a pencil, a pen, and a colouring material of your choice (e.g. watercolour, markers, or coloured pencils)
  • Time: Class is not available at the moment. Please contact us if you are interested!

About Coach Mel C

MOVE Team - Melissa

Mel C is an illustrator and visual artist based in Singapore. She enjoys drawing and painting from everyday life, often drawing inspiration from nature, urban environments and the magical lens through which children see the world. She is also an avid art journaler and the founder of #MondayBluesNoMore art journaling event series. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience through workshops and exhibitions in art journaling, sketching and watercolour painting.

Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and her Website.

Melissa offers private workshops and commissions that can be tailored to your needs.

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I enjoy your session very much. Especially today’s session gave me many tips. It looks like a breakthrough happened to me.”

– Yumi Okita

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