MOVE Victory


This is a guest post by Laurent Piemontesi, one of the founders of “ADD Academy by Yamakasi Origins”, and of the original Yamakasi group. Also one of the creators of the Art Du Déplacement movement, he now teaches ADD in Italy, primarily at Forma In Arte and ADD Academy Milan.

This post was published on our blog in May 2014, when MOVE Academy Singapore was known as Art du Déplacement Academy Singapore (ADD Academy Singapore).

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(Featured Image Photo Credit: Laurent Piemontesi Facebook page)

Genova, Victory square a bit before 11, this is probably the time we started to train. A training from the SOURCE. The kind of training you can not FORGET even if you try hard. Also the kind of training you don’t know if you will SURVIVE. And you actually do.

8 LOVERS training today. Yes, lovers, you know, that kind of PEOPLE who FIGHT for LOVE with LOVE. 3 pinks, 4 blues… Each one has his or her own fight. Own LIMITS, PAINS or DREAMS.

We start to run up the flight of stairs 11 times, that’s 107 of them each time… Well, just an abstract NUMBER. After 3 or 4 times it becomes REALITY. Behind me i can hear feet pushing the floor and heavy BREATHING very close to my ears. We try all to keep the rhythm. On top, a look at the CITY a bit asleep to REFRESH the mind. Around us some other people that probably do not understand the reason of why we go up and down constantly.

Short BREAK then an other serie of going up stairs, al’indietro, when i finish the first one of 11 to do i m asking to myself why i got that IDEA… I’ll answer that later, in 40 years… Everything is burning, i already feel all my leg muscles crying. But i have to ignore it, we just started. I know this is hard for my friends. As usual no need to speak, nothing to say, because we know the secret. Fight and SMILE inside. Don’t listen to the PAIN, listen to the DREAM.

WATER, BANANAS… And we do an other serie. Jump forward like jump rope. Of course 11 times. This one it isn’t so bad. But it is LONG. On top always a looking at the CITY a bit more awake now. But it doesn’t refresh anymore and everyone for sure is in his or her own WORLD. We are TOGETHER but ALONE in the FIGHT. We try with body language to send POSITIVE ENERGY. To give  POWER.

HELP OTHERS and you will help YOURSELF.

Next series: AWFUL. I was thinking to make 6 of it but it will be a too normal number for too NORMAL people. Noioso. Jump forward starting with squats. I felt this serie had no end. Also because of the doubts in keeping count… Which means take one count just to make sure we do at least the right number… Ay. Anyway, 11 of it and the feeling at the end to have each leg made of ONE muscle from the hips to the feet. I would like to just ENJOY the SUN, the WIND. Sit and eat something. Speak about the WORLD, build it over… What’s good what’s wrong… Blablabla… But we have one more serie. Jump up stairs a l’indietro.

Last series. Cherry on the cake.

I don’t know how but we all finished it. That’s 4-5 hours non stop. One minute break at most between each type of set. Jumping, running on stairs. I didn’t see time pass.

Hard conditioning is a part of ART DU DÉPLACEMENT. It is a WAY, though not the only one, to learn so much about ourselves. About life. LIFE is made of victories, defeats, happy times, sad times… But in everything there is something to learn. I can lose, but if i learn something from it… I win.

I believe that we LEARN from NEGATIVE and we BUILD on POSITIVE.

Then sometimes it is HARD, sometimes it is EASY… In all cases we need to keep going and not give up. In LIFE or in TRAINING.

This is a way of living, this is ART DU DÉPLACEMENT.

Of course for it we need COURAGE. You know this is not about how big our muscles are, how tricky our techniques or long our jumps are.

But it is an other story where we need DIGNITY…