Understand your WHY and you will find the HOW

MOVE Laurent Piemontesi

Understand your WHY and you will find the HOW

This is a guest post by Laurent Piemontesi, one of the founders of “ADD Academy by Yamakasi Origins”, and of the original Yamakasi group. Also one of the creators of the Art Du Déplacement movement, he now teaches ADD in Italy, primarily at Forma In Arte and ADD Academy Milan.

This post was published on our blog in May 2014, when MOVE Academy Singapore was known as Art du Déplacement Academy Singapore (ADD Academy Singapore).

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There are days when you wonder why. Why do I train? Who do I train for? Why so hard, for so long?

Or maybe you question the purpose of what you do. Do not worry, we all went through this at some point.

At first, you avoid the question, the answer, pretending you didn’t hear anything. But the voice in your head gets louder and louder, more persistent. Before you sleep, when you wake up or during trainings, there is no way to ignore the voice anymore especially when it screams:


There is no other option than to look for the answer. A proper, honest answer to this pressing question. It is not about finding an alibi anymore, you need to take time and face yourself.

At times, we might be able to fool others, but not ourselves. Running away would be futile.

Understand the WHY and you will find the HOW…

The point is not to find a clever or creative answer but instead, to find YOUR answer, something that IS you. It could be simple, straight forward, almost brutal. When I was looking for my answers, it was all but philosophical, almost childish. Later I would understand that I was looking for myself, like you, like anyone looking for inner growth in this world.

Each of us have our own tool, our own way.

The goal is not to share with the rest of the world what your answer to the essential “WHY” is; instead to make it personal, almost intimate. But don’t expect this to be be your ultimate truth that you will never need to question ever again. Relax Yamak… It is simply the path of learning DETERMINATION.

These doubts, often arise in times of CHALLENGES or difficulties. Not enough money for food or training injuries… It is raining, too cold, too hot!!

It’s not easy being constantly STRONG and motivated, especially when your girlfriend or boyfriend is pleading: “Come on, why don’t you stay home a little!!!”. I believe it is all about understanding an important secret: We cannot be STRONG all the time. Those who pretend to be, I call them WARRIORS on PAPER: They preach wisdom taken from books but only apply them following the fluctuations of their mood.

Being aware of our WEAKNESSES is a STRENGTH and at no point means being WEAK. Understand your WHY and you will find the HOW…

From “Lettres à un Yamak… Between dreams and pains.”

Laurent Piemontesi // Yamakasi Founder