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How it all started

The practice of Art Du Déplacement (ADD) or Art Of Movement was born in the suburbs of Paris during the 1980s, amongst a group of young people connected by friendship and family: Chau Belle, David Belle, Williams Belle, Yann Hnautra, Laurent Piemontesi, Guylain Boyeke, Charles Perrière, Sébastien Foucan and Malik Diouf.

At first they played together with tests of their strength and agility. Over time, in a spirit of mutual encouragement and emulation to grow stronger and go further beyond their limits, they developed a rigorous training system of specific exercises and targeted techniques to prepare themselves for feats requiring increasingly higher levels of physical and mental mastery.

As time went on, the group divided over different interests and three related threads of the discipline emerged — Art Du Déplacement (ADD by the Yamakasi), Freerunning (established by Sebastian Foucan), and Parkour (named by David Belle when he split from the original group). Read “What is Parkour?” >

ADD Origins
ADD Yamakasi

The discipline became more widely known to the public via the 2001 film Yamakasi (the name of which came from the original Yamakasi group) starring Chau Belle, Williams Belle, Yann Hnautra, Laurent Piemontesi, Guylain Boyeke, Charles Perrière and Malik Diouf.

The name Yamakasi comes from Lingala, a Central African dialect, and signifies “strong spirit, strong body, strong person”.

The discipline was then again popularised via the 2004 film District 13 starring David Belle, and The Great Challenge starring the Yamakasi. In the years since, the popularity of the discipline has grown exponentially worldwide.

About MOVE Academy

MOVE Community

MOVE Academy was once known as ADD Academy Singapore. We have been representing the origins of Art du Déplacement (ADD) / Parkour and are directly connected to the Yamakasi founders of the discipline in France. We aim to make the Yamakasi founders’ experience accessible to everyone, while strongly advocating the ADD values:

  • Be Strong To Be Useful
  • To Be And To Last
  • We Start Together, We Finish Together

Over time, as we matured, we learnt the benefits of practising other art forms, based on our firm belief in universal interdependence. Beyond differing foundations, we see the endless possibilities of movement, where we value the unique view everyone brings.

Today, MOVE Academy is a collective of diverse movement and art forms beyond ADD / Parkour, with the same strong focus on the ADD values, providing a variety of classes and services (performances, private sessions, corporate workshops, etc) to help everyone build a strong body, mind and spirit.

ADD by Yamakasi logo

ADD Academy’s presence across the world

Parkour Singapore logo

We are Parkour Singapore’s Official Academy Partner

MOVE Academy is supported by the Singapore’s Parkour governing body, Parkour Singapore

Our values

MOVE Values - Movement for all

Movement for all

Our bodies are designed to move and be functional. We aim to rediscover and regain this function that we all own but sometimes lose over time. No matter who you are, we can all grow and improve mobility and functionality at our own pace.

MOVE Values - Be strong to be useful

Be strong to be useful

Beyond the joy of learning how to fully harness the power of body and mind, we train for a purpose: To have a positive impact on the community and society around us, be it our family or our immediate circle of influence. We build ourselves to be healthy and useful to those around us.

MOVE Values - To be and to last

To be and to last

We always have the future in mind when we train. Never for short term gains or thrill, we treat ourselves with care, and move in a way that brings us the best health benefits decades down the road.

MOVE Values - We start together we finish together

We start together, we finish together

Training is as much a group experience as it is an individual journey. Training together helps us to further push our physical and mental boundaries, providing one another with support and encouragement. We always look out for our fellow practitioners, and we always extend a helping hand to make sure everyone finishes what they started.

Our leadership team

MOVE Parkour Team - Shie Boon

Tan Shie Boon

Managing Director

Personally touched by Art du Déplacement with a huge passion for education, Shie Boon aims to preserve and spread the good philosophy of the discipline to people of all walks of life.

He recognizes diversity as strength and aims to build a resilient MOVE community.

He was featured in The Straits Times and Toggle for his initiative of helping seniors get active through Art du Déplacement / Parkour.


  • Art Du Deplacement and Parkour Teaching (A.D.A.P.T) Level 1 Coach
  • Certified by Standard First Aid Course by Singapore Red Cross Society (2018)
MOVE Team - Charis

Charis Koh

Multidisciplinary Movement Director

Charis started her movement exploration as a dancer, first experiencing various street dance forms and then contemporary dance. Seeing herself and her peers getting injured over the years while performing, practising and being a dance instructor frustrated her, which led her to find ways to help herself and others.

Gaining new understanding of her body and movement over the years through continual learning and exploring ways to strengthen the body, she began seeing similarities between art forms. With this came a versatility in how she helps people find novel and practical solutions for their needs.

She loves that movement does not discriminate and she see clients from all ages and capabilities. From the very young to the very old, professional athletes to someone who has trouble lifting their leg, movement is for everyone. She’s also a choreographer, singer, and co-runs SHIFT Movement Collective.


  • Polestar Pilates Studio Comprehensive Certified
  • Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science
  • GYROTONIC level 1 Certified
  • Animal Flow level 1 Certified
  • FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) Mobility Specialist
  • 8 years of coaching experience
MOVE Team - Chen Pin

Koh Chen Pin (Denester)

Head Coach for Parkour

A passionate practitioner for more than 10 years, Chen Pin (CP) has travelled around the world to teach, perform, and participate in different events and competitions – notably in Beast Coast, Freerun Hefei City, North American Parkour Championships.

He is also a community leader – with his ambitions in growing the Parkour scene regionally, he masterminded the biggest Parkour event in Asia – Lion City Gathering.

With 7 years of coaching experience and counting, he is also proud to be the second person in Asia to have attained the ParkourEDU certification, and aims to share his outlook of Parkour to budding practitioners.

MOVE Team - Desmond


Chief Enjoyment Officer

Ever since he got introduced to Art du Déplacement / Parkour in 2016, Desmond has been a strong advocate of the disciplines.

Deeply passionate about human psychology and relationships, he aims to improve public’s perception and awareness of the disciplines, grow the community, and enrich every member’s experience within the community.

He was responsible for bringing our seniors’ transformation stories through movement to the attention of the general public worldwide since 2018, including the Prime Minister of Singapore.

He’s also:

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