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A new chapter begins as MOVE branches out

MOVE will dissolve, and all its services will carry on under new companies. Unused MOVE credits will be refunded in June. Read on to find out more.

Dear followers of MOVE and members of the MOVE community,


Over the years, MOVE has been continuously evolving — Starting off with its roots in the Yamakasi as ADD (Art du Déplacement) Academy Singapore, rebranding into MOVE Academy Singapore in 2016, and in 2019, merging with SHIFT and Level Up by PKSG to form a bigger multi-disciplinary MOVE brand incorporating classes of various movement disciplines. 


Thanks to all your support and trust in MOVE, your active participation, and your deep commitment in movement, our community has grown in size, precious bonds have been formed, and together we have profoundly transformed the public’s perception of movement.


We would like to announce that, starting 1st June 2022, we will embark on the next chapter of our evolution by dissolving MOVE Academy Singapore, and branching out into new separate independent companies to double down on each of our focus in different areas. This decision was made after much deliberation about the differences within our management’s directions, and we agreed that a split would be the best way forward for all of us. This also means that MOVE Academy Singapore’s last day of business as MOVE will be 31st May 2022.

What to expect as we transition from MOVE to the new companies

1) Credits refund and account deletion


Reservations: Any reservations you make for classes at MOVE from 1st June 2022 onwards will be deleted, and you will need to reserve the classes on the new companies’ websites. For those who signed up for camps, the camps will still proceed, and we will reach out to you to sort out the administrative matters.


Pass and membership credits: All your unused MOVE credits as of 1st June 2022 will be refunded to you in full within the first week of June 2022. Monthly memberships will stop on 1st June 2022. We will reach out to each of you to give an update about your credits, if you have any. After that, you’re free to decide if you want to continue using the services at the new companies.


Account: All your personal information in your MOVE account will be deleted by 15th June 2022. You will need to sign up for a new account in the new companies’ websites, and sign a new waiver form to confirm your involvement with them.


2) All classes and services will carry on under the new companies


All existing ongoing classes, private session services, and upcoming camps will continue under the new companies at the same locations and (largely) same price, with the same coaches, from 1st June 2022 onwards.


If you have always wanted to attend classes at MOVE, you may go to their respective websites (shown below) to sign up and book your class.

The new companies, and what they offer:

Hello Body by Charis
Say hello to your body and discover your movement potential with us.


– Personal and group training
– Pilates
– Ground movement
– Mobility

Lion City Parkour by CP
A supportive space that provides top quality education in Parkour and normalises movement and play.


– Parkour and flips classes (Kids, teens and adults)
– Kids camps

Movement Singapore Logo

Movement Singapore by Shie Boon
L’art du Deplacement classes for Phoenix, adults and kids


For kids classes, please indicate interest here:

Fresh Eyes by Desmond
Gain new ways of seeing the world to think, do, and live better.


– Mental frameworks content publishing and consulting
– Online system development and optimisation
– Design


All classes will continue under the new companies from 1st June 2022 onwards, as shown here:

MOVE Class Schedule June 2022

As we move on, we look forward to continuing to journey with you in your movement (and life) journey in the next chapter, in the new companies.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us, or read the FAQ below.


Keep moving,
Shie Boon, Charis, CP, and Desmond


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MOVE dissolving and separating into different companies?

When the various entities came together to merge into a bigger MOVE brand, it was motivated by the singular intention of building a multi-disciplinary movement school. Over the years, while MOVE has indeed grown in many ways, we realised that the management team was gradually growing apart in various directions as well. After many attempts to work out the differences, we decided that the best way forward was to split, and branch out into separate independent companies to sprint towards each of our own directions.


That said, the movement community in Singapore is not that big, so we are confident that there will be opportunities for all our new independent companies and respective communities to collaborate and train together again in the future.

Why are you refunding my unused credits instead of transferring them to the new companies?

When you purchased credits (via pass or membership) at MOVE, it came with the feature of allowing you to attend any class of any discipline within MOVE. Considering MOVE will cease operations, and will be branching out into new separate independent companies, that feature is no longer available.


We thought that the best thing to do would be to give you the freedom and control over your money that you have yet to spend on any of the classes. We do not assume that you still want to continue to use the services offered by the new companies. If you plan to attend classes by one or more of the new companies, do buy the credits separately from them as you wish. 🙂

How does the refund work?

We will look at the remaining unused credits in your MOVE account on 1st June 2022, and initiate a refund of those credits through Stripe (our payment processor) within the first week of June. The refunded money should be credited back into your credit card account, and reflected on your statement within 7 working days. Once the refund has been initiated, we will send a message to you to indicate how much you will be getting back. Should there be any dispute about this, we will be here to work things out with you until 15th June 2022. As there are many of you with credits, we appreciate your patience as we sort your money out.

What will happen to the camp I signed up for?

We will refund the amount you have paid, and reach out to you to request for payment again to the new company. The camp will still go ahead as planned, and we will advise you on the next steps to prepare for it.

What will happen to the class(es) I have been attending or plan to attend?

To minimise disruption to your training, all weekly drop-in classes will continue to run as per normal, at the same locations and at around the same price. From now till 31st May 2022, you should continue to book the classes on


To book classes from 1st June 2022 onwards, please head over to the respective new company’s website to do so.


Any 6-week course that was scheduled to end in June will be cut short. If you signed up for that and are affected by that, we will refund you the money for the remaining classes unattended.

What will happen to the private sessions I have been attending or plan to attend?

Any remaining unused credits of your private passes as of 1st June 2022 will be fully refunded.


We will advise you on the company that your private session coach is joining, and you may reach out to that company to continue your private sessions.

What will happen to my personal details in MOVE?

All your personal information in your MOVE account will be deleted by 15th June 2022. Your existing liability waiver form signatures and mailing list subscription will also be deleted. Nothing will be carried over to the new companies without your consent.


If you decide to use the services at the new companies, you will be prompted to provide your information, liability waiver signature and consent for marketing as a new customer.

Still have questions?

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