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MOVE Academy Singapore offers parkour, art du deplacement, mobility and strength classes for everyone, no matter your age or fitness level.

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Rediscover the joy of movement at MOVE Academy Singapore

Based on the roots of Art du Déplacement, our teaching methods help you build a strong body, mind and spirit through movement.

You’ll be surprised by how easy and safe it is.

We help every student from different background feel comfortable in their growth.

So fun that you forget you’re having a class.

The world becomes your playground during our classes, and even outside classes.

Get to know your new friends.

Bond with our supportive community of friendly coaches and students through sweat and laughter.


We are Singapore’s sole representative for the Art du Déplacement founded by the Yamakasi.

Inspired by the Yamakasi training methods, our coaches are trained by the founders of the discipline.

We are part of the ADD Academy by Yamakasi Alliance.

  • If you want quick hacks to get fitter and shortcuts for fancy moves, this is not the place for that. Parkour, like yoga, is a lifestyle. This academy is the place for long term growth in body, mind and spirit.

    Desmond Co-Founder of Statement.sg
  • I'm not dextrous or athletic, but the coaches showed me that anyone can learn parkour safely. I've learnt so many interesting ways to move!

    Marcus Independent Writer


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We’re making Parkour truly accessible to everyone

Watch how MOVE Academy Singapore is helping seniors protect themselves and live better with Parkour and Art du Déplacement

There’s a class for everyone

Parkour and Flips Classes

Tailored for preschoolers, kids, adults and seniors, you’ll be able to level up your movement skills no matter what your fitness and movement background is. You will also develop more strength and mental capabilities along the way.

Movement Classes by SHIFT

A wide range of movement and mobility classes (Gymnastic Fitness, Kinstretch, Capoeira, Fluid Strength and Specialised Mobility) with elements of fun, helping you with the many levels of strength and capacity building, so that you can be adaptable and resilient in doing what you love.

Frequently asked questions

Is it hard to learn?

Every student has a different goal. Therefore, we delight in helping you grow at a safe pace you can manage, with no competition or boot-camp shouting.

While training together with your classmates, you’ll get to learn from one another and bond through shared challenges.

If you can move and love to play, you can learn Parkour and Art du Déplacement. It’s probably easier than you think. 🙂

Is it dangerous?

Safety is our academy culture’s established default.

With years of experience in managing danger under our belt, we emphasise the importance and teach the ways of keeping ourselves safe at all times.

Above all, safety starts with being mindful of one’s limits, and having the discipline to refrain. Through practice and with our help, you will be able to achieve this self-awareness.

I am old/unfit. Can I do it?

You may think only the young and active can learn Parkour and Art du Déplacement. Yet, we have taught students of diverse backgrounds from 12 years old to 64 years old.

In fact, many students began their training from an inactive lifestyle, and have discovered a whole new meaning to fitness health over time.

No matter what your abilities are, we have a class for you. We strongly believe that anyone can enjoy the benefits of movement training.

I am too busy. How can I learn?

When you learn Parkour and Art du Déplacement, the world becomes your playground again, just like when you were a kid. That perspective shift makes all the difference.

You will learn the simple movement concepts that you can quickly apply in your daily life, like balancing on a bus, striding up the stairs, or squatting safely.

Keep an open mind of play and exploration, and you will gain a lot from slightest change in your habits.

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