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    Private coaching sessions

    1. Type of class
    2. Preferred date and time
    3. Frequency (Once or twice a week? Fortnightly?)
    4. Length of class (1hr is the usual length of class)
    5. Your experience relevant to the type of class chosen
    6. Preferred coaches (if any)

    Corporate events and workshops

    1. Type of class
    2. Preferred date and time
    3. Length of class (1.5 hr is the usual length of class)
    4. Preferred coaches (if any)

    TV commercials and shoots

    1. Details of the shoot
    2. No. of athletes required
    3. Any age/gender requirements?
    4. No. of days and hours for the shoot
    5. Subjected Date(s), Time and Location
    6. Is an audition required?
    7. What are your talent rates?

    Parkour performances

    1. What type of performance would it be? Flash Mob? On-stage?
    2. Will you need a parkour set-up? Or will you guys be able to provide your own? (Read below for information about our own set-up)
    3. How many performers do you need? (Our standard is 4 performers)
    4. What is the desired length of duration of performance? (Typically, our performance is 3 mins long)
    5. How many times are we needed to perform on that day?
    6. When will the venue be available for rehearsal?
    7. Any animation/visuals/music required on our end?
    Regarding the set-up

    A Parkour performance requires a certain degree of obstacle set-up in order to fully display our skillset. This makes the performance much more captivating and enhances the viewers’ experience.

    This space required for this build is about 2.5m wide, 4m long, 2m tall. Please factor in running and landing space for our performers. We have equipment stored in a local gym in Bishan, so we are able to arrange it to be transported and set up for you.

    Private events and parties

    1. Preferred date and time
    2. How many people will be attending?
    3. Do you need photography services?
    4. Would you like to arrange a viewing at the Kraken Gym?

    Do note that you will have to provide and prepare your own food, cake, and birthday decor.